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  1. it surprises me that there is so many people who are against Solar The financial benefits alone are enough to warrant it, let alone environmental side. I have a 1.5kw system on my roof now and i was getting about $150 per quarter from it, since my partner moving in our power consumption has gone up significantly. and a lot of that usage is during the day so i am actually planing to expand it by 5kw (gradually) over the next 2 years my aim is bringing my power bills down to nothing and being able to enjoy luxuries such as running air conditioning and heating without negative affects on the environment. Power Storage is problematic but it can be overcome I concede gas is better than coal however from where i stand i don't see how replacing one finite resource with another finite resource is economically viable and both produce CO2 so contribute to climate change, it seems very short sited. i am hearing a lot of people including my partner saying Nuclear is a good option however i see that as uneconomical as we lack the infrastructure to implement such an option for example we can't refine the fuel source meaning we have to either build industry to do that or purchase it abroad and when that fuel is used (my understanding is it goes through a purification process as only a small amount of energy from the fuel rods are used) this will also be done abroad and no one wants the nuclear plant built near them. in addition to all this the money put into that technology could be put towards renewable sources.
  2. I just had a conversation with my partner about our energy sources here in Australia There is a particular person in politics here at the moment who is pushing that we should move back to coal power. I was explaining why investing money into coal is a very bad idea, 1. they have to build the coal power for considerably more than solar and wind farms of the same output of the same value 2 the solar and wind options are cheaper implementation and upkeep costs over the long run 3.technologies are already available for storage. and if not there are areas in the northern territory where geothermal power is an option. Basically my partner said he supports the implementation of new coal fired power. Then when i tried to further explain why the running costs are much higher than solar on the count of the cost of fuelling said plants then proceeded to give the facts i got shut down and told "i don't want to hear it" I honestly hate it when people do that but i then later asked "are you Conservative aligned i got the response of "i am Common sense aligned" implying my fact based position is nonsense. how do you deal with this sort of ignorance? fyi the cost of power here is due to the partial privatisation of the power grid
  3. i think i am just going to stop debating him he is saying that my position that is based on the general scientific consensus is "full of holes" then just repeats his argument.
  4. yeah, i guess. he is really making a jack of himself to be honest because now he has jumped to another thread and started arguing with me that Same Sex Marriage leads to polygamy
  5. This seems to be the most appropriate place to put this one, I have been confronted by a someone who from what I can tell is a conservative Christian, he places the claim that transgender people are not a thing and that they are assigned their gender at birth and that human gender is exclusively for reproduction and hormones and sexuality and psychological factors are irrelevant. I provided a paper from the Harvard University on the subject, it shows the issue to transcend basic reproduction, yet when I provide that all I get in reply is that I am wrong because doctors assign gender at birth and that even surgery won't change that. I ask them to back that up with evidence of the same quality to that I provide, but all I get back is "I am right because it is the TRUTH." How do you put your position across to an argument like that? he could not possibly have read the paper i provided because it was long and it took me nearly 35 minutes to read it and I knew what it was about and I am a fast reader he, however, took less than 5 minutes. Is this a situation where it's just a matter of giving up? also, this debate is being played out on a public forum (twitter) so i feel compelled to correct him.
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