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  1. I know improving things is different from person to person. Yet, it's still improving one aspect or another of the world around you The reason I said the meaning of life is to improve, is to make a way for a person to feel their life is meaningful. You could say your life is meaningful, but you should think what made it so. In the end you probably improved something, if you think hard enough In order to dominate, you must improve your skills, military, or any other thing that you are using in domination. Your meaning would fall under mine.
  2. I guess in your sense, reproduction, would also fit in my meaning of life, since you are IMPROVING (by increasing it) the population. As for an individual, people improve on things everyday, it wouldn't make sense not to. Every person's end goal is to improve something, weather it's for themselves or others
  3. This would bring up a lot of questions....some of which Why are we being simulated? Are we real or puppets generated by code( or whatever created this simulation)? Are we a failed example of a perfect world simulator, with the creators waiting for the simulation to destroy itself?(Ok that might have gotten a bit too far)
  4. Also if anybody else purposed this idea, please provide the link, because I am not aware of anyone agrees with this viewpoint of life.
  5. I am new to this site, and I would not think of myself as a philosopher, but I thought of the meaning of life. I couldn't find any other place to put the idea to the public, and I think I made the right choice. The meaning of life is to improve. Improve on whatever you want, but as long as you improve on something that would make the world better in your eyes, it gives your life meaning. Now fellow philosophers give me your thoughts on this idea, was it too vague, or it doesn't make sense?
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