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  1. Like you said it would have to be taken out immediately, so while it is being taken out just take some blood from the body if it is still good, and for circulating it, you could possibly make a artificial heart and lungs to pump and oxygenate the blood. (I know there is much more to it but I am just a high school student about to go into Bio-medical science so I don't know too much on stuff like this yet.) Like I said this was something random me and my friend thought of. It's a weird idea but interesting to think about.
  2. A friend and I were having a late night conversation and we were talking about stem cells and the benefits of them and one of us thought, "Is it possible to remove a deceased women's reproductive organs and use it to grow a baby in it?" We were thinking if there was a way to keep blood going through it and get it the hormones needed to grow a baby, it would be theoretically possible. We are aware there are artificial wombs and that they do work. We were just wondering if it would be possible to do with an actual womb outside of the female body.
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