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  1. Egypt - The Pyramids

    The initiatory circles suggest the construction of the great pyramids. The pyramids reveal the most extraordinary knowledge of those scholars. Each measure of the pyramids has its symbolic expression, relative to the cosmogonic system of the planet and its position in the solar system: the ideal meridian, the distance between the Sun and the Earth, the longitude traversed by the Earth over its orbit in the space of a day, the precession of the equinoxes, and many other scientific achievements of initiatory circles. Source: If you can read this, I removed the link to your blog because it's against our rules to open threads for advertising purposes. This is a science discussion forum, a non-commercial platform for critical thinking and conversations about science topics.from a mainstream approach. We can't even begin to talk seriously about the stuff in your blog as science. A "cosmogonic system of the planet"?! There were no planets in the early stages of the universe! You need to do better science!