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  1. Thank you Are you aware of any known virus that actually does this?
  2. Hello, Is it possible for a virus to go through these stages?: First find a way to enter the germs cells (of a human/animal). Then integrates its DNA with that of the cell. After that the cell through sexual intercourse fertilize another cell/is fertilized. And then the egg goes through division, creating a living multicellular organism. Then the virus is present in every single cell of that organism. (human embryo for example) Thank you
  3. Some questions about apoptosis

    This answered my questions fairly well, thank you!
  4. Some questions about apoptosis

    Hello everyone I have some questions regarding apoptosis. I'm a medical student who doesn't know much about biology and genetics so i was wondering if you could guide me through this. I'm only doing this out of my own interest though, so you don't have to bee too specific. I have to mention that I only roughly have an idea of how apoptosis works. Now to my questions, 1. Are there any cells that are "not" capable of apoptosis inside our body? 2. Is there a way to stop apoptosis of a cell once it's initiated? 3. Can you list some different ways a cell can undergo apoptosis? ( eg. end of cell's cycle, viruses etc) 4. How long the process takes on average? Thank you