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  1. The dependency of young children on instructions of their parents. When we started walking, our hips narrowed, and due to our large brains we needed to birth children before their brain is fully developed (so it may squeeze through the birthing canal). So we create totally helpless and dependent babies, which lasts a while before more advanced cognition kicks in at around 7-10. Even then we are highly dependent because as psychological predators it takes us even longer to pick up our survival tools, Thusly cuz we walk upright, and are psychological predators, we have a really extended
  2. Well... I do believe to some extent in "forseen" motives of living things. We have a drive to have sex, because on some level we forsee its significance in bearing children. But it is messy and inexact. We don't ACTUALLY know it creates a kid, we just follow it, cuz thats how it evolved to be. We were designed to find it pleasureable cuz anything that didn't find it that way, didn't procreate and died off. So, foresight kind of makes sense but that iis only AFTER the effects of evolution (which collects harmonious results). But it is still messy and inexact. To say it is the same t
  3. Well, my view on NDE's is that you are a) in shock - distorting what you deem plausible b) the chemicals in your blood are ceasing to be regulated - certain highs come about as a result c) you aren't actually dead until cells for the most part systemically turn necrotic - so NDEs are just EXTREME experiences given credibility cuz its "the closest you can get" but that is an assumption, not accurate Your skin is constantly dying, it form the upper layer you touch, then it flakes off. In a way the body becomes like that skin, and flakes away, to get digested by lil bugs and stuff just like d
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