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  1. got to say for this being a forum for a bunch of egg heads you guys dont have much to say or offer. CharonY has been the only one to offer a post but with limited info . How or Where do you get dye for staining microbes to view with my microscope.
  2. how do u know if its a high contrast one? Mine came witha few color lenses not sure what those are for. I just had a petri dish with some agar i grew some weird stuff have no idea what it was. I was able to identify the molds pretty easily. Those molds/fungus made all kinds of spores when i opened the petri dish i got a big breath of the spores i hope i dont get sick now . You know the bacteria that grow in the petri dish dont look clear cut like the pictures in a text book. All i saw was a bunch of globs of stuff i couldnt make out an nice circular cells just one big glob that seemed to be a single bacteria instead a colony of individual ones. On the outside of the big glob it had these little hooks that would grow out then turn back into the glob. I thought it was doing that to eat but it appeared thats what it was doing to grower larger because it didnt shrink it just got bigger. I had some pond water that was a lot easier to see and make out. Could see the indviual cells and the figallens but that petri dish was more like a big train wreck.
  3. where do you buy the dye at for the doing microbe stains? And how big of a difference is there from viewing an unstained to viewing a stained? a screen shot would be nice.
  4. I wanted to do some stains but i dont know where to track down some dyes. Can you make them at home or do you have to buy them? Was thinking if i could use food dye but i dunno.
  5. Fins are not legs, fins dont even have toes, ankles, and knees. for some reason your 6 kidney line doesn't seem believe able to me. You should had just stuck with the tail bone line. regardless, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT EVOLUTION. As i stated before life is too complicated. Everything evolution claims to have done has been nothing more then a simple altercation to existing DNA it has not created anything new. I believe DNA has been corrupted through out the life and it will continue to be corrupted until it is finally to the point of our demise. You can't deny the fact of DNA corruption you can call it something else if you would like, but at the end of the day its corrupted. I see it as the equivalent of taking a nail out of a house once a year eventually the house will come down. If we all share the same ancestor then it should be fairly reasonable to turn a dog into a whale through genetic alteration, but you cant because its just not there. If we all had the same DNA then why do people still get sick? Your immunity is inherited down from your parents, so wouldn't you also inherit the immunity of a dog. evolution sounds nice at first with its little system of balance set in place but at the end of the day its just a big game of luck. considering we all can agree most of the mutations lead to death or nothing. Im done here, i dont really have the time anymore to swing by to bs with you guys. I appericate some of your guys comments, it has been a learnign experince for me. Some of you guys were great others not so great.
  6. Doesn't evolution claim a fish grow a set of legs and up and walked out of the ocean? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Don't gene duplications lead to extra limbs ect?
  7. Yes mostly, i do not think a mutation has the means to create something new like a kidney. How did the bacteria grow with a very important gene non-functional? Do you have a link also?
  8. If you guys dont mind could you keep your post small and pungent. or stick to one point not 20 different ones. lets take it by the numbers. Mutations: Spontaneous Mutations and induced mutations. Spontaneous mutations happen as a result of mistakes by the DNA polymerase III. Induced mutations happen as a result of exposer to certain chemicals or radiation. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged First comment Marked Bold: If the DNA is no longer the same as it originally was it has been corrupted. 2ND comment Marked Bold: That is untrue. roughly out of 1 billion cells there is one mutation. That means there are roughly 1 billion cells that were copied accurately. 3rd comment Marked Bold: If the DNA is corrupted as i said, and another generation experiences the same fate as our last cell then now wouldn't the DNA strand have 2 corruptions?
  9. yep that basicly what the article said just used a different example. So my next thought is these changes happened only because they were there all along in the DNA just not active. next train of thought here. out of roughly 1 billion nuclei reproduced there is 1 mutation, and after the mutation occurs there are several systems in place which attempt to repair the mutation. So lets say our mutation has gotten past the repair systems, the mutation will more then likely kill the cell, do nothing and on the very low end enhance the cell. Lets say it doesn't die and does nothing. Now the cell lives on passes the natural selection test, and reproduces, now wont it pass on its mutation to the next generation? And if so the next generation will now have a small amount of its DNA corrupted.
  10. edited last posts a few times.
  11. Im going to skip the software debate and go back to the evolution Tell me if this is right. I pulled this from an evolution link think it was pbs.com/evolution. A set of frogs live on some islands, they are all the same, but different colors from one island to another. The reasoning of the different colors in the frogs had to do with certain genes becoming actived then that particular color giving the competitive edge on the various Islands, which was causing the Frogs one island one to all be red island 2 blue and 3 yellow. This is evolution, being the gene change and natural selection, correct?
  12. Why cannt you measure the change in a person after they die but who are then revived?
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