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  1. I never enjoyed those things. They were just stimulating and now I know that that was all I was looking for at the time. As time has gone by, I started to feel the desire for stimulation and material possesion was enslaving me. I don't know what I enjoy. Now is the time I start finding out.
  2. Going fast was fun, but being involved with my vehicles was what gave me real satisfaction. I don't care as much for it now. Video games triggered pleasure, but ever since I sold my 360 last year and started spending more time with myself, I find myself being less and less interested in building a gaming PC that I planned on doing. The things I thought I wanted are not making me happy and they don't have any real meaning to me. I don't know who I am.
  3. That CONCEPT is not hard to understand, but there is no proof that the hominids of the past or much of the other species went extinct from being killed before getting a chance to reproduce. Does it make sense to you that it is possible that I can climb on top of a house and pee off of the roof? Does the possibility mean that this actually happened in the past? It makes sense. That doesn't mean it is true. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged While in captivity, pups were being born with less and less instinctual aggression towards human beings while also having fur that was less and less able to blend in to their parents' native environment. That was a hell of a coincidence. I believe that mutations are not entirely random and evolution is more directed, then current theory suggests. Why would I not want to have sex with women I have no care for if I like having sex and I find the women attractive? Why do I have to ask questions? I could just wake up, live my life, and let my brain lead me. Why do I have this feeling that my body and my mind are separate from me? Who am "I"? Why do I feel detached from the material world around me?
  4. What is a reward? I was introduced to automobiles by my dad. I didn't get encouragement from anyone and I didn't want to follow in his footsteps. I just wanted to make engines and suspensions do what I wanted them to do, so that I could build automobiles that could kick some ass. This wasn't something that could increase my survival, so why would I want to do it?
  5. I didn't say it was "single source", now did I? I wanted to know what led to the ultimate extinction. No evidence shows a complete killing off. If they all weren't killed, then something else was involved that would keep them from reproducing.
  6. They could have, but we don't know that they did. Lions can kill hyenas, but they generally avoid each other. There is evidence that members have been killed, but no evidence that they all died from being "killed".
  7. We don't know anything about the conditions they were living in. I assume you mean one species is transit another species. I saw a tv program a while ago where foxes were being bred in captivity. Outside of their natural habitat, each successive generation of pups were less and less aggressive towards people and they started to have less of a camouflage pattern in their fur. It seemed as if somehow there was an inner consciousness in the animals that had become aware of the environment they were in and influenced the DNA and change in the physical and mental traits in their offspring. I see myself being aware of my thoughts and being able to control them. I choose what I want to think about and I choose hoow I am going to act. I was having sex a few years ago with women I didn't even care for. It felt dirty. I decided that I want to stop and find a real relationship. I have sexual urges, but they don't control me anymore and I feel better about it. I don't know exactly why, but I feel my existence in this world is not limited to what is physically attached to me (brain included). I feel that "I" am just attached to my physical existence. Just have to try and find out who I am.
  8. Nope... Evidence that can show what happened. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged It would make sense that a higher number of dying members of a species than the number of births would lead to the species becoming extinct. There has to be some reason as to why they are dying and are not reproducing.I have not seen the reasonable cause of this effect.
  9. Fewer skeletons is not evidence of more deaths, it is simply showing fewer of that species. Nothing is showing how the decline was occurring. ALL of them show evidence that they were "killed"? A crater is evidence of an impact. It does not show what has happened during and after the impact.
  10. That doesn't explain why they died out. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged How do you know what the death rate was? How do you know we killed the neanderthals? They haven't found evidence of a meteorite being responsible for the mass extinction of dinosaurs.
  11. That doesn't explain why a species would stop reproducing more of its own. There is no evidence explaining why cro-magnuns or neanderthals are gone. Nothing to explain why the dinosaurs are gone.
  12. Note title Also, what is "desire" and how did it come to be?
  13. Money is a representation of goods. People can make their own money.The paper that the white house uses represents gold, silver, and other things of common value. People could simply use gold, silver, and such as currency. Even salt was currency at one time. Public transportation can be paid for by the public. The public can hire individual people to do public service. The public can decide who can represent them in foreign relations/disputes. That is how it worked in the anarchic nations that survived up to a historically recorded 1000 years. People today have been brainwashed into thinking we need a government/state to decide things for us. We think we need people to do everything for us and that is why our economy is going down hill by people spending money while not producing anything to make money. Most corporations' manufacturing jobs have have been exported to foreign workers, which is eliminating American jobs. Banks and the government are mismanaging tax that it steals from our hard work. We have no say over it. We just sit on our asses and let things go bad for us as politicians are playing golf, kicking back, and sipping whiskey. They know that the people will not dare to take back control of their own lives.
  14. You never been to youtube before? The definition of anarchy you provided was written by someone who thinks government needs to be there to make law and assume that lack of government is also lack of law. In anarchy, social norms and values are what make the law.
  15. Representatives can lie to get the vote of many people (voluntary and individual vote/consent is an anarchic principle). When in office, the people no longer have any say and they certainly can't punish for unjust actions and ruling/law made b the representative in a partial-democracy. Not everyone votes for and wants the same thing. A state makes a law and enforces it and everyone, not just those who wanted it. The power is not in the people's hands. "They", referring to those who disregard a law. Whatever law it may be. If you tried kill me in anarchy, me and my own people will be fighting against you. If you cause trouble, assuming you can manage to do it to another person without being stopped by that person or their people, other people are going to deal with you as they see you are a proven and obvious threat. There will be consequences. Anarchic cooperation leads to AGREED upon law. Not law that is dictated from an exclusive authority, which would be forced/government law. There is a difference. If people are harmed, the one(s) responsible will have to deal with other people who will do something about the situation. Without the need of command from an exclusive high-up unto mindless robots. People left to themselves make common law, only for protection. A law that serves no obvious purpose wouldn't even come into existence. Law is not limited to centralized and exclusively forced governance. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Did you look at any of the links? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAnarchy means no ruler. It doesn't mean "no rules". If there are no rules, then that would be "anomie".
  16. What law has a government passed that you or others not in office had the power to create or overturn themselves? If they simply disregarded the law, who is the one that has the power to put them on trial and punish them? Immigration, not out of free choice, but simply to escape someone who is ruling over your life and go to another person/group with the same power? Rebellion against those who will lock you up in prison or kill you if you try to resist their authority? With government, peace exists only to the extent that people obey (peaceful) law and submit to those who are enforcing it. Anarchy allows people to make their own laws with equal power amongst themselves. Those who do not agree with one groups laws can choose another group to join or get off the grid without protection of being with other people or form a new group of their own with others who decide to follow. Law can be peacefully and equally created and can also be peacefully disobeyed to the extent that other people are not harmed. Ruling with force just simply forces those who are ruled to retaliate with more force. Violent force breeds more violent force.
  17. The government works by enforcing law and punishing those who disobey, and does so with exclusive power. It can pass any law, regardless of how harmless a private person's activities are that happen to be banned. People have no power over government, when the government can enforce rule on other people and people can't enforce rule on it. A centralized/self-ruling government is naturally not apart of any democracy at all. Any democracy in such a case is an illusion for those who are ruled.
  18. A separate government makes law that it enforces on ALL who are governed. The people voted against gay marriage and it was government itself that actually writes down and enforces the law. The government has exclusive law making power. Before the law made it illegal, there was no one to stop homosexuals from getting married.
  19. A separate individual state (governing body) with power over the people is not a democracy. In anarchy, there is no governing body because the whole population is the governing body itself.
  20. In anarchy the governing body is everyone, not a separate entity with exclusive authority. America has a centralized governing body, ruling and enforcing law on its own accord, and our economy and society is deteriorating at the same time. Like many state governed countries in the past, where the people have little or no power.
  21. The process of thinking is YOUR own individual process. You don't have control of who you are and how you think, but it is YOU regardless. You can control your thoughts anyways, that is how we learn from mistakes. You do something you think is good, and when it turns out bad you change your thinking.
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