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  1. Best tips to solve physics problem Don't panic,students always panic towards a given problem on physics, because physics seems to carry with it this aura that it is difficult to solve. I will give you few tips to solve any given physics problem. 1.Be calm:Take a deep breathe, don't rush the situation, try to understand the situation. Take advantage of it, and you can have an amazing impact solving that problem. 2.Critical Reading:Learn to go through a given question before ever attempting to solve. Understanding the question, will give you the mental picture of what you are about to face. 3.Don't be skeptical:Lack of self belief and confidence, is a hindrance to anything in life. Being skeptical will attract negative results to you. learn to be optimistic of every situation, belive that the question is possible to solve. 5.Outline the Data: Outlining the data of variables given in a question will give you the best formula to use. e.g John walks a distance of 20m to the nearby store in 5 arcs, what is Johns Speed. Solution Given data: S=? d=20 t=5 Looking at this problem, will tell you that you are required to find speed, and formula for Speed is distance/time(S=d/t). I hope my tips will help you, you can add more tips to solve physics problem.
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