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  1. It is not mine thought I gather informations i found together. Maybe someday Of course i would like to research about more functions in brain. Well, that is the point, okay let's say no before yes, why no? As my own personal thought i think it can be about luck too. But its good to hear two opinion like why yes and why no.
  2. So? I didn't claimed anything about thats %100 true. Science contains theories and axiom, if we would refuse something because of some people have non-scientificak thoughts on it, then i think this "science forum"s only work for discussing things already exists. If i would like to believe its true, trust me guys i would open a topic in a spiritual forum. There is lots of ideas about it, it could be fine for discuss but as i saw, it won't be far as prejudice. Sigmund Freud (as i remember) had a work about sharing dreams on that way, but i can't find documents about it. It can be failure, or success, but matter i wanted to discuss is "how and why not?" It's up to you refuse it Have a nice day.
  3. People believes its about imagination in mind, and it helps for communicate. So, if it is, it'll be more easy with communicate someone you deeply know. Well, i was just woke up, i saw my friend is online and i wanted her to text me. I tried few ways to do it. Just saying from inside like they hear it. And when i was looked at my phone i saw notification instantly. I tried it few times, it worked. But, like i said i don't believe it is true and correct. If it's real it's definitely not easy and not even close with doing meditation or praying about 70 times. If there was sth about that, it would be good for discussing i think. Of course it is not a scientific test I just wanted to try it. Better then doing nothing. Well, yeah actually thats why i opened this topic. Everything started with "why not" for me.
  4. However i don't believe at rumors and metapyshical things, Telepathy seems different then others to me. Lots of people evaluate it like part of paranormal activities, so they generally include things like "chakra, soul etc.". Like Eastern Medicine, but there is also scientific side as i researched from books and web. But when we look scientifically to the telepathy. It has really logical sides. There is a sender and receiver like basic communication. And as defended by theory, we are doing this all the time without consciousness. But it is more hard doing it with will and controlled. Brain waves can make way up to ~10.000kms. Also, only thing what can prevent this waves it is Lead (Pb). Place and time doesn't matter for both side. Sender must be active (ultra-consenterated), receiver must be passive. It works better on people who have emotional connection like mother and child, two lovers, two enemies etc. Messages must be short as they can with order sentences (Do, hear, go etc.) This zener cards must be most popular among them. Ganzfeld stimulation used in here. Experiment wants minimize the 5 senses for surface the sixth sense (ESP). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So as you see i can't claim these all of them true, but i tried few times. As my own observations, it generally worked at morning, after i woke up. Like i said, i don't believe anything parapsychological, but it seems interesting and it deserves to be discussed.
  5. As far as i understand these attachments for taking photos from scopes binocular. I find something about making your phone to digital microscope, are you talking about that? If you, i am not sure they zoom as well i want. I am not searching for picture, i want microscope (but it can be with digital screen). Can i observe center of cell, chromosomes with any microscope? An x300-x1200 microscopes can handle it?
  6. Little expensive for home (it costs about 1.000 in TRY) I don't know, but can i observe center of cell with another microscope like this? Can i do it with 300x/1200x microscopes? They are little bit cheap.
  7. Actually, i already know and i want microscope for my personal research at home. I work with cell, organelles so... I need a microscope. Can you suggest one?
  8. Oh, sorry you right. I'll change with corrects.
  9. I would like a buy microscope. I want observe cells core, organelle, maybe chromosome. Can you suggest a model, or can you write needed features for observe them. Thanks.
  10. In plural fuun-g(h)ee In singular fun-gus They are Latin pronunciations of them
  11. Well, we call it cancer because it can't trigger apoptosis and its DNA is damaged. And it is unrepairable. Second thing, there is a thing already named "Chemotherapy" for prevent uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells.
  12. Why not? But i am not sure i understand, i guess first we broke DNA with X-Rays, and we prevent the Ku enzyme, right? If i am correct, first we must research about using X-Ray for controlled damage on DNA. Eventually we talk about radiation, so it can cause Beneficial mutation ( in very low percent, but still "can be") But, i am not sure about that, is there any bacteria types have resistance for Radiation actually X-Ray?
  13. These pictures ain't clear. So i can talk with things standing by descriptions. First of all, your nose snatch up some germs. When we have any wound in open, germs in derm will infect the wound (as far as i know, usually bacteria infect your wounds, it can be your answer) After, Neutrophiles comes to aid, and phagocyte bacterias wound, then blood flakes closes open wound. This event explains your burn. Also, neutrophiles need more area to reach derm, so blood vessels in your nose will extend for a while. After infection, wound amasses blood. And... This crust is only a necrosed derm, every wound can bind crust. Look, i can be wrong but is there any chance exeggerate it? This is so ordinary infection.
  14. I am not good at genetical calculation but the equality is = p2+2pq+q2=1
  15. Actually, i'm wondering is there any way to change without using stem cells?
  16. Maybe, but air movement can provide necessary gasses or thing for plant, or changing weather conditions can warn stem evolution. But i am not sure for music. OK, maybe it can be possible with voice energy, but how? I don't see any physiological factors. If our subject were animals, ok. But we talk about plants, there isn't any unit for handle music, so we should argue more deeply about it.
  17. I think this is totally bullshit. I have no idea about physical size of this event. But plants need Gibberellin or maybe Auxin for grow, not notes! Maybe it is possible when we can see any receptors , but i guess, there is no receptors for music in plants.
  18. I read a article about that, it seems possible but there is something i can't understand : how? If they use stem cells, it is already known thing and ( as far as i know ) stem cells need neural environment for evolve to nerve cell. Waiting your answers. Have a nice day!
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