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  1. raqdioactivity, what the hell does that have to do with burning animals? radiioactivity would give them cancer!
  2. I thought this helped create a power to an extent, kind of like Nitrous Oxide, for flat track cars?!??!
  3. also, i have been noticing some small ammounts of rust on my ski's edges, would thease tactics work on my blades to?
  4. Also if you were doing the metal/glass gernade expierement where you use metal balls, and water, and freeze em, then throw em' so they shatter, you are much better off just buying the iron ones, steel dosn't seem to have that dramatic shatter that iron has...
  5. well steel is just iron with no oxygen so it is much tougher, it would never burn, but yeh, it molts a bit easier than iron so it would be stickier. NOTE: are you talking about FC, or tool steel?
  6. ... True, it would take up a bit of space, but advwertising, and keeping the site together doesn't really hurt it...
  7. This site is great, but it would deffinatly be better if we could have a better access point
  8. ok, great sugestions, but what's an easier way to make a spud cannon? or even a carrot cannon? I need simple easy plans.
  9. lol, yeah right, the government would be all over you like a fifteen year old girl meeting brad pitt...
  10. Logics88

    glass tube

    Yeh, a gas collector, mabey for hydrogen, helium, or some gay oxygen expierement.. The companies rarely mess up that badly
  11. Could you just hook up an air compressor to a pipe? I mean if your not into this seriously, but just wanna blow the crap outta somthing, or peg your sister, couldn't you use pressurization? examples= alkaseltzer, baking soda+ vineger, shaken tonic... the possibilities are endless, where you won't get the power, but if your 14, how much more power do I need???
  12. ha ha ha, look I've been reading this along, and I'm only 14, I'm a cirtified pyro, and idiot... but i was looking for somthing fun, but maby somthing just to pop your sister with when she ticks you off, you know? so I thought, what if you had a seperate chamber, where you could preasurize things (seltzer, tonic, or baking soda and viniger, etc), so it would shoot. I've thought and planned, and I see that it obviously dosn't have enough power for a potato but what about things like plastic bags melted to make a pellet? I'm currently trying out somthing similar, please write back if you have an
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