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  1. She's in Australia lol it's online dating .. :v But she'd never lie to me or anything and I know this because honestly I'm kind of the only reason she's alive because before we got together and met she used to cut and she has like next to no friends and she's constantly severely bullied at school and no one does anything about it even if reported, and she's just not that type of person to lie. She arrived home a bit later than usual though.
  2. Neither of us know because she said she went there and they had her unconscious when they did whatever they did but that her eyes were a bit sore and blurry afterwards, and in reply to the others and to you in case you think me or her are trolling; no we're not, there's literally no point in doing that. And she does see a bit better now. I think she's seeing a bit more shades of blue if not all (she said light blue is light purple which I think she just thinks it looks more purple) and she's seeing yellow and green properly now.
  3. Apparently she went to a doctor and they sort of fixed her eyesight
  4. She's my girlfriend. . .. ... She never lied to me and I'm not naive for not thinking that she's playing me because she isn't and I know this as a fact and with proof. She has spoken English her whole life. What she sees isn't changing. It stays at her seeing yellow as green and green as yellow. But I think, according to her, she sees very light shades of yellow and green properly, as I showed above (yellow shades). And just because you don't know of something like this existing doesn't mean it can't. Things exist people don't even know about yet, or many anyway. I just want to know how to fix what she sees and what it is that is causing this. And if she was seeing properly but was miseducated in the names of colors, why would she say Frisk's skin tone looks nothing like a (white) human skin tone, but instead, green? I tested her many times with color blind tests and testing what she sees myself by showing her different shades and colors and asking what she sees (she doesn't see much difference in a few shades of blue, too).
  5. It depends on the shade.. not all light shades. Like here I think she only saw banana and daffodil as normal. So what's wrong with her?
  6. Could you find me an image of them to send her if that's possible..? And she's 15. Would this work? .... She said the bottom marker is brighter from the pic i showed and said the top of the hat is brighter in the below pic.. I told you I wasn't wrong.. She said Frisk (this character/sprite) looks green (the skin), when I asked if Frisk looked a bit like a skin tone kind of color ( I thought asking her that may help ) So why the hell is she seeing green as yellow and yellow as green what is this ;-;
  7. But why did you show me it? What will it help with?
  8. She said green I think What is this site
  9. http://imgur.com/a/G263O
  10. I've been giving her that one to do and showed you the results.. I think that was enchroma anyway
  11. Is there any way to find out if she's seeing green and yellow properly, or reversed? Other than possibly wearing Enchroma glasses...? And it did say she had some sort of color blindness but when i drew the letter 7 in yellow on a green square, she couldn't see it.. so.. I don't know what that was. I drew a bright yellow 8 (I think it was bright yellow) on a regular-ish yellow square and she saw a 0 I think.
  12. Look. I made her take another damn test. These are what she couldn't see. Can you PLEASE explain to me what's wrong with her now if you guys claim she isn't color blind? The test claims she is, and I tested her again myself by showing her a few different shades of blue and asking if they look the same and to some she replied yes. So then is she this type of color blind? Because if so, why would she see yellow and green reversed, if she does? Isn't there any way to fix this other than EnChroma glasses.. http://imgur.com/a/G263O She sees the left and middle one as the same for example http://imgur.com/a/TYxQO
  13. Because People Are Telling Her
  14. -facepalm- People tell her she's seeing wrong....... she even knows what she sees is wrong
  15. ..? If that were true, she would be clearly able to see the numbers in the color blind test on Enchroma.com or whatever the site is as I saw all of them perfectly, but she did not If that were true, she would be clearly able to see the numbers in the color blind test on Enchroma.com or whatever the site is as I saw all of them perfectly, but she did not
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