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  1. whoops to many zeros i ment 5k-7k I can get to 5k easy using my homemade steel hand pump I just have a hard time going higher because I cant get the air into my next manual compressor stage
  2. do you people know how to get pre compressed air in to a compressor so that I can compress it even more? pictures / diagrams will be greatly appreciated because I am a visual learner psi goals 50,000+ psi
  3. the main problem with fusion pelets is the cost for each pellet using the method I proposed you could use anything from dirt to non-recyclable waste you could use asteroids directly with minimal refining and it would also work in atmosphere ‚Äčas long as you vaporize enough "slugs" per second to achieve lift we also have the technology to do it right now
  4. i have thought of an alterninatave what if we use an onboard laser system to completely vaporize large slugs of metal that at periodically dropped behind the craft? it would be a safer alternative to having large explosive charges that might explode
  5. good point well perhapse i just meed to rethink my compressor setup
  6. i was planning on putting the pumps in a staged pressure chamber series to increase pressure for example: if I were to put a 5000 psi pump in a 5000 psi tank that is pressurized I can theoretically get 10000 psi out of it as long as I take the air from the inside of the tank for compressors I first used a pcp air gun hand pump then I used a scuba pump inside of a tank to further pressurize of course it will also work with a scuba pump initiation
  7. thanks for the tips maybe they will prevent me from having to rebuild my wall... again yay for having modular walls
  8. what about using a backpack to hold the batteries or make it pneumatic / electric controlled
  9. so i was compressing a small air tank i made for my homemade air powered car and it ruptured at around 5000 psi lucky me that I put it in my small very thick steel "blast box" that directed the air away from me. before I proceed to higher pressures, I need a ratio of thickness to pressure for metals and different things like carbon fiber for safety. also how many joules of energy are in one gallon container of air at 10000-20000 psi at room temp. I need to know for how many miles I can get out of my car I have lots of safety tests to do before I build it
  10. I need help with the best way to use the exhaust plasma for power generation do you have any ideas?
  11. I haven't yet thought about getting energy to be produced from it yet but that can come later I was thinking that the engine design would be the same thing but it will require an outside power source mainly like a laser or something like that to beam power and Measure of the trust produced by the exhaust that was my idea
  12. If you would look closer at the top and bottom of the picture the purple line is a large dump valve the pink is a valve that changes it from an air breathing system to a internal oxygen supply thus allowing the engine to dump Fuel and oxygen into the combustion area causing an explosion of much higher energy than the scramjet itself The outer sections of the picture can also be a rocket combustion chamber for continuous thrust
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