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  1. If you smoked enough of it you could. People have died from drinking too much water. Water toxicosis. Look it up Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged If it was just a byproduct of your armpit hairs then it wouldn't enter the bloodstream under ordinary circumstances. I don't know how hair works though so my theory probably doesn't make sense. I never said it would be a good idea. Just a possibility.
  2. Didn't think of that but yeah that would be the more sensible approach. They could even kick it up a notch and introduce the THC gene to living organisms. If your running low you just clip off some of your armpit hair and load the bong. cetus: I'm not even going to reply to your ignorance. Moontanman: Words of wisdom. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged In school they told me that you smoke a joint and you'll be hallucinating heavily and you might see a big fuzzy green monster coming to hug you but its actually the bus. That made me wanna smoke the stuff but unfortunately I've yet to see this big fuzzy green monster. I don't smoke the stuff anymore though I just think that if cannabis grew on trees the world would be a much better place. Its a more effective painkiller than morphine in my opinion. I was prescribed dilaudid after an operation once and it did NOTHING. Not a ****in thing. One joint and all the pain miraculously disappeared. Ho ho ho. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Holy mother of christ on a tricycle. 4" thick? That'd be quite the spectacle. I was in Jamaica years ago and the guesthouse I was staying in the lad had a cannabis BUSH growing out the back garden. I swear to god it was a bush. I got a picture of it and all.
  3. I saw that they managed to splice a tobacco plant with firefly genes and made a glow in the dark tobacco plant. Genetics is obviously advanced enough to do all sorts of mad modifications to plant genomes. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that introducing say oak tree genes to the cannabis plant genome may result in a cannabis tree?
  4. Is the technology advanced enough to manufacture and modify viruses to perform specific tasks?
  5. The question is The dissociation constant of water is 10^-14, explain what this means using a chemical equation. Heres how I'd answer this. The dissociation of water into the ions H3O+ and OH- is in dynamic equilibrium. The concentration of H3O+ and OH- ions present in 1L of water is said to be 10^-7 each and since Kw = [H3O+][OH-] / [H2O]. Do I even need to say all that bullshit or would I get away with writing [H3O+][OH-] / [H2O] [H3O+] = 10^-7 [OH-] = 10^-7
  6. Ah right I get it now. So the H+ concentration is always equal to its conjugate base concentration? So to get the question done fast on the test I can just use the formula squareroot(Ka x INITIAL CONCENTRATION)? For example lets say theres 0.2M of an acid with a Ka of 1.8 x 10^-4. If I just multiply 1.8 x 10^-4 by 0.2 I get the equation x^2 = 3.6 x 10^-5. If I get the square root of that then I have x = 0.006. Is that right?
  7. Thanks alot. That explained the whole thing. Didn't know you were meant to literally add up every reactant and product in the reactions.
  8. Is there any simple way to calculate the pH of a weak acid in a solution if you already know the dissociation constant of the acid? I've looked it up but can only find long methods that involve factorising quadratic equations. Are these long methods the only way of getting the pH of a weak acid when you know the concentration and dissociation constant of the acid?
  9. Im not looking for answers Im trying to figure out how its done. How do I combine the reactions? I tried adding the enthalpy changes but what I got wasn't the heat of formation of methane.
  10. Heres the question Calculate the heat of formation of methane from the following data: C + O2 CO2 DH = -393kJ/mol H2 + 1/2O2 H2O DH = -280kJ/mol CH4 + 2O2 CO2 + 2H2O DH = -895kJ/mol This is not homework its the kind of question that will be on the test so I need to know how to do it. I know what Hess' law is but I just have no idea how to go about solving this. I'm assuming the final reaction can be reversed and it will be endothermic with a DH of +895kJ/mol but apart from that I'm lost.
  11. Is the heat of formation the same as the enthalpy of formation or do you define heat of formation as the "heat" change of a reaction when 1 mole of a substance is formed from its elements in their standard state.
  12. I'm not very knowledgable on neuroscience but from what I've gathered there are 4 main categories of brainwave frequencies which dominate the brain of the average man. 1.) Beta waves - Predominant when the mind is most active and busy. Good mindset for multitasking and quick thinking 2.) Alpha waves - Predominant when the person is calm and relaxed or in a meditative state. Good state for learning, reading, coming up with ideas and creative tasks such as painting 3.) Theta - Supposedly these brainwaves or dominant in the brain of someone who's dreaming or else on the verge of sleep. Also dominant in people under hypnotic trance 4.) Delta - Dominant in the brain of someone in deep sleep Now supposedly the brain can be trained so that different waves become prevalent on a daily basis. For example say your everyday mindset is an active quick witted one which is good for multitasking and quick thinking but not the best for learning and doing tasks which require relaxation and patience. Supposedly you can entrain your brain so that your everyday mindset will become a calm and relaxed one. The difference that would be seen on an EEG would be the ratio of beta to alpha waves. I haven't researched this much at all cuz I don't have time but I've skimmed through bits and pieces cuz its interesting. Heres the only method of brainwave entrainment I've come across so far. I really don't know anything about this stuff so I'm only repeating what I read I may have bits and pieces wrong. Anhow Binaural Beats - Supposedly soundwaves of different frequencies entering each ear simultaneously has an effect the brains signaling. Hypothetically if 2 sounds entering each ear at the same time has a very small different in frequency say 5Hz the brain will interpret the difference in frequencies and translate it into brainwaves of that frequency. For example a sound of 2000Hz entering one ear and a sound of 2010Hz entering the other will induce brainwaves of 10Hz (Beta) in the brain. I haven't tried this but all thats required is a pair of reasonable quality stereo headphones and special tunes which produce the differing left and right sound frequencies. The tunes are called binaural beats and some of them are commercial others are free. Anyhow although I have my doubts I find this fairly interesting and worth researching. Mainly what has my mind boggled is what would happen if one was to entrain their brains to produce mainly delta waves. Would you fall into a coma?
  13. Insanity. Only joking I'm no closed minded fool. Every single day without exception? Thats some highly interesting stuff. Is it only the one ghost you see or are you just sensitive to metaphysical things in general? I find metaphysical things highly interesting. Every morning when I'd lie in bed for a few minutes after waking I'd hear this intermittent static sound thing. Didn't know what the hell it was then one day I switched off my wireless router to see if that was what it was. It was. The my ear was picking up something the router was sending out but it wasn't the normal sound of the electrics inside it. It was something else. Could my ear have been picking up EM waves? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged I'm not too sure. My mom and my granny were looking at a house they were thinking of buying and my mom put her hand on a tree and all of a sudden it started shaking. Thing is it wasn't a windy day. My mom then asked more about the house and found out that some woman had been murdered in the house a few years earlier. As for the shows I think they're 95% bullshit. The Amityville house for instance. If this house is so heavily haunted why not send a camera crew in and turn it into a tourist attraction where people can walk in and see for themselves if ghosts are real or not. Even setup a haunted hotel beside it. I saw that movie haunting in CN its based on an episode of the show A Haunting. The movie is a highly exaggerated version of the episode and the episode is probably a highly exaggerated version of real events. That show Most Haunted is utter crap. They see a spec of light on the camera and suddenly "its an orb" or "its an ectoplasmic poltergeist banshee witch" or other ridiculous conclusions.
  14. I love watching the show A Haunting. I'm a grown man (alright I wouldnt go that far) and I still get nervous thinking about that show when I'm lying in bed at night. A reoccuring theme in all ghost stories is the area gets cold when theres a ghost around. Going on the hypothesis that ghosts are some kind of real yet to be discovered phenomena then maybe the reason the area goes cold is because the ghost is siphoning kinetic energy on the molecular level and transferring else eg to move a physical object. Just a theory that popped into my head one day. I think the fact that some people can see them but most people can't does not in any way disprove their existence. Some people are color blind. If most people were color blind but only a few people could see colors that wouldn't mean colors don't exist it would just mean only certain people have the senses to pick them up. I've never observed any ghostly phenomena but I've observed psychic phenomena in my dreams which leads me to suspect that there is some medium in which thoughts can be broadcasted from one person to another but for me at least that mediums only accessible to my subconscious.
  15. Thanks. Thats all I was asking for a few comments on how I was doing.
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