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  1. a statement is true/false until proven the opposite. i also want to study science/physics .
  2. A physics law is true until proven wrong ! i just found the reason why it is not working and i managed to make the machine works . and yes it will not go forever , some of the parts will need a repair https://twitter.com/TedoSevenGaming/status/855220867223179265 just take a look https://twitter.com/TedoSevenGaming/status/855220867223179265 just take a look https://twitter.com/TedoSevenGaming/status/855220867223179265 just take a look
  3. Hello to everyone , i spend 1 year in observing the whole idea an i solved it . my Question is do you think it is worth it to send the blueprints to some university ?
  4. Hello to every one my name is Teodor , and i love Physics and engineering but i can't got to college . The reason why i can't it is because my teachers from high school hated me and did not wanted me to go to university so they left me with 3 In my diploma ( in the Bulgarian grade system 2 is the lowest 3 is pass and 6 is the highest ) , but i can't blame them i was in tourism high school In the Hotel management class . The only reason i was there was the fact that it was the closest high school and my family could not afford more . but to be honest i wanted to go in the Electric school , I was interested in wires , batteries , electronics , machines and computers . Well in high school i started hating school because the teachers ware not exactly the kindest , they just killed my hunger for knowledge and then i started having bad grades . 1 month after i got my diploma i started reading a book ( body language ) and after that i slowly started reading more , then i worked as a cashier i met a programmer who introduced me to the world of programing and i tried it but i was easily bored by it , then i tried to give a chance to the electrical engineering i started bit then i realized the i need physics , I spend a lot of time thinking about that and i decided that i the thing which i would enjoy to do for the rest of my life is to solve engineering and science problems . so right now i am on the point where i started reading books about physics or " How things work : the physics of everyday life 6" i would like to get an education in Science/physics and engineering , but i am poor and sense i was educated badly i can not enter a college ( well you know how for that kind of education i need A or B to enter , i have got D ) i want to become the better version of my self but i do not know how . and even if i am capable to learn on my own , how would i be in any help of the people when i haven't bean trained from Teachers . I want to Prove the world that The bad past must teach you not stop you . Please If there is a teachers . Help me , i will do my best to learn from the best .
  5. i would like to understand the universe so that i can help the human kind for the future.
  6. i do not know i that a stupid Question bu i could not find anything on that subject , is there any organizational for people who would like to become part of the world of science but had bad grades in high school . i would like to make something good with my life and i have interest in Physics , so i decided to start reading books and trying to solve simple equations but i realized that i need a teacher to test me and to teach me . i am from Bulgaria so i my country you have to be the best in class ( the sad part is the fact that you do not have to be smart ) so that you can enter University and even if you get in the education is expensive and is not worth the money . All i want is to stop being useless and to help the people around the world . And one again I Had bad education so Please if someone knows something about those kind of programs ( In Europe ) Inform me even if i start studying on my own i would never be helpful to the people if i just sit in my room and go to work as a porter . I am just lost and i need help . I have ideas and i would like someone to teach me so that i can be in use of the science world .
  7. well it is easy to speak it but hard to do it , and to be honest i have never trusted a teacher for my education , and my grades do not say how smart i am ( my teachers hated me and left me with bad grades, I was the best in English and the left me with D) .
  8. My name is Teodor Kirchev i am from Bulgaria and i would to help the world's industry , i love physics and engineering but for the most part of my life no one cares about that even my parent do not care, all they care is do i study a language . but i would like to help the world with the energy supply . and to make technology so that we have better tomorrow but my high school teachers made sure that i will not go to university/college , so for year and half i am living with my mom and when i do not work i try to learn new things , and i would like to build technology for the earth and all the living in it . but i am taught not to mess with people and just to be a sheep but a smart( know a lot but do nothing ) . so if some one would like to help me to get out of my prison and just to use my brain to help the humanity with physics and engineering ( i just do not want to live mi live like person who will live an die and will not leave something behind ) Please help me , i feel like i can be useful to man kind . i can't take step forward i am just not that kind of person . Email removed or i am just lost and i need a reason to live .
  9. it has missing parts so if you figure it out you can build it
  10. Hello My name is Teodor Kirchev , i am from Bulgaria . sense i do not know any Scientists/Engineers around me , i would like to ask if someone would help me to enter science University/college , i am new to physics and engineering so i do not know what should i focus on ? i am 20-21 years old and i would like to know how and why the energy is working and i would like to be part of something . the reason why i am asking for help is that i was not good at high school ( hotel management ) i got D In Math and C in physics and on top of that the school which i was in have the worst reputation around . so the teachers ware use to work with bad students and to be honest by that time i gave up and just was there so that i can pass . but 1 year ago i started to be interested in electrical engineering so i started reading books but then i found that i need to understand physics , i started reading physics and when i started i knew that the physics is for me , but i do not know what should i know to enter in Science college/university . Thank you for the attention .
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