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  1. I mean that male as well as female psychopaths got the same traits in common. There is always a margin of error you must take in consideration in such statistics. Just a few decades ago the mistakes you mention were frequently made among "research". However currently most "valid" research has large groups of test subjects and as the old test for psychopathy was a complete and utter joke, the new test is quite good. So if out a 1000 female test subjects 10 are found with psychopathy and out a 1000 males there are 30, and that kind of ratio is found constantly, then there is a very strong indication that it is more prevalent among males. P.S. In the old ( standard personality ) test, people had to describe themselves basically, and if you take into consideration that psychopaths are very very good liars, then........... There are a large number of "funny" examples. 1 psychopath had all the text books on the test in his cell and sold profiles to other inmates whose results then would show a stead improvement for parole. Another psychopath had 3 completely different profiles in a few years. First he was diagnosed insane, because he wanted to be transferred to a mental institute. Then he was diagnosed sane, because he didn't like it there. And then he was diagnosed with some minor problems because he wanted to get and sell some medicine.......
  2. The definition of psychopathology is not the same as the definition for "the" serial killer. An easy and correct thing to say is that serial killers are "sick" psychopath's. And that sickness IS very commonly caused by abuse in childhood. Female as well as male psychopath's have common traits and recent research has confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that male psychopaths are more common. Tests have indicated that the levels of serotonin are genetically predispositioned. Even when siblings were split up and raised completely differently with different nutrients etc. they still had similar levels. You can compare it to dogs in which agressiveness is either bred in or bred out. If compassion can't be learned unless people act compassionately to you, then half the children in orphanages and countless millions more would grow up as anti-social people, and that is not the case. Although compassion is indeed learned by examples, those examples do not have to be about you. You can learn compassion from seeing a mother comforting a hurt child ( maybe a little slower but compassion is an easy thing ). Further to all: Despite thousands of attempts from all possible angles, NO psychopath has ever been "cured". Nutrients, diets, medicines, re-educating etc etc etc all have failed. At the contrary, most psychopaths have learned from the given therapy to become more capable in deceiving people. What those "therapists" commonly do ( in most western nations ) is explain the psychopath how the human brain works, then how a person can feel emotional pain, then how a person can be deceived and then they tell the psychopath that inflicting such pain is wrong and deceiving people is wrong as well because "you wouldn't want anybody to do it to you right?" or ( still popular in some regions ) "you can't do any of those things, it is evil, God wouldn't want you to commit such acts" Give a child a loaded gun, explain him how it works, where he can find it and how to aim. Then take away any pity or compassion in the child..........It might sound over the top but this IS what has happened for decades, because a number of psychologists ( a large number ) would absolutely refuse to believe that anything could be caused by "nature" instead of "nurture".
  3. About the whole nonsense argument about torture.......Sayonara puts it correctly; As countless times before you draw conclusions and then argue your way back to the starting point while claiming it's Logic, Ramin. If 2 people are tortured and only 1 ( person A ) of them develops APD/psychopathy ( not some other disorder which is irrelevant for this discussion ), then there are several possibilities. 1. Person A suffered brain damage which now causes his APD. Conclusion it CAN BE anatomically/fysiologically. 2. Person A suffered mental trauma which now causes his APD. Conclusion it CAN BE environmentally. 3. Person A always had APD, but hid it ( like most do ), and now he has decided he doesn't want to hide it anymore. Conclusion NOTHING. etc etc etc If you think you are using logic Ramin you need to really ask your parents ( nurture right? ) for some new education, because you are acting about as scientific as some medieval doctors.......
  4. J.P. Good to hear some valid arguments.............. About experimental bias you are quite correct, but in this case there has been lots of research and it all says that APD/psychopathy is more prevelant among white males then among any other groups. Males and females are socialized differently, but they are also biologically different, levels of the neurotransmitter named Serotonine are quite different between both sexes just for example. A lot of other differences can be clearly seen ( which I quite like ) but there are also lots of differences which can not be seen. So based on just male-female you can drawn no conclusions. What you seem to be forgetting is that by the time many of those stress-factors come into order, the person has had APD/psychopathy for a long time already. So to look at relevant environmental factors you should concentrate on before the age of 12 at maximum.
  5. quote 1. Picture this: One child is very "difficult" and "causes" a negative reaction from parents. Indeed, it seems that the child has caused the parental reaction, as a more easy-going child illicits very receptive and warm reactions from the same parent. However, now picture parents #2 who treat their children the same, as a pre-planned arrangement. To be specific, they do not react to the child according to the child him/herself, but they act according to principles that apply to children universally, such as that they are the subject of experiences and behave rationally. Regardless of the behavior of the child, the parent is able to communicate with him/her. The environment of the two above scenarios are clearly different. Yet, you say that it is the child that illicits a reaction. Clearly, the reaction is dependent on the parents' beliefs. quote First you are again making assumptions about me saying something that I am not. Read what I write literally.........I do not say that it is the child who illicits a reaction, I say that it CAN be the child who has an influence. Which man is more likely to leave his family? One who has a child who loves him and who's child does not irritate him constantly. Or one who has a child which destroys everything in the house, ignore his/her parents etc........ As ALL studies into psychopathy have shown psychopathic behaviour occurs VERY early in live, early cases have been seen AND CONFIRMED as early as age 5 in which children commit terrible acts. Further NO common link between parenting has been found in any such cases. When somebody has been kicked out of school or has become an delinquent they have ALREADY committed "immoral" acts. With re-education some of those people could probably be "cured". But not if their acts are caused by any type of biological abnormality. So that argument is totally pointless, it does not give arguments pro- or anti- nurture/nature. Like I said before, in a vast amount of cases the children who were later ( as adults mostly ) diagnosed with APD/psychopathy, were raised just like any other "normal" person. Inadequate communication? You are really reaching for it now.........if your computer has a chip that is broken, you can not "repair" it by typing on your keyboard, no matter how hard you try. Communicating will not help. Further most people with APD/psychopathy are NOT angry, remember the emotional shallowness? Grandiosity comes from insecurity? Wow how interesting and how utterly and completely incorrect. You are adjusting information based on the conclusion you wish to get. Grandiosity comes from a feeling of over-confidence, over-esteem etc. If you read ANY work on psychology you can see that people with insecurity problems are INSECURE about themselves. True..........and your point is? I can't call upon research then anymore? You start by calling upon specific research which supposedly supports your point, however when I call upon a far more respected and accepted research, all research(ers) are not trustworthy? Again you are adjusting information to get the outcome you want. In the case of ALS there are environmental AND genetical factors. What you are saying is that if A+B=C then C is caused by adding B. Which is wrong off course, C is caused by adding B TO A.
  6. That is the conclusion of Johnson's research. As you can see he talks about personality disorders in GENERAL, not about 1 specific disorder like APD. So any numbers he gives are pointless because they are not based upon APD, which we are talking about....... Further like most researches his forgets the cause-causality theory. Imagine a very very violent child who destroys everything in the house. Now later it turns out he was abused by his parents, did they start abusing him ( beating him e.g. ) BECAUSE he was so violent or did he become violent because they beat him? The conclusions about the cause of his violent behaviour would be as different as day and night......... Grandiose sense of self-worth Callous/lack of empathy Lack of remorse or guilt Irresponsibility Pathological lying That are some of the traits of psychopaths as described on the PCL-R of DSMIV. Psychopaths can NOT be labelled by society, first because they couldn't give a **** and second because nobody knows who is a psychopath and who isn't. Isolation of the family they don't care about, they know no real empathy. They have a grandious self-esteem, so no dignity problems there. Parental motivation? They are pathological liars, who care only for themselves. If you have more examples please state them. Please give me those references, according to O'Hare's research into psychopathic behaviour APD DOES develop in "normal" families. And he is considered the foremost expert of the subject. About that many cultures do not have APD.......this appears to be the case and I believe that it might indeed be true ( pending further research ). But this says nothing about whether the causes are genetically, sociologically or whatever based....... If it would be genetical then you could say that that gen combination if mostly found in white males, so it could be an "error" on the Y chromosome. If it was sociologically then you could say, "it doesn"t happen there so it must be society. Since APD is far more common among white males then any other population group this strongly supports the theory that genetical factors are quite important. White males are the group less subjected to racism/discrimination for society, further they are not exposed to more abuse of any type then any other racial group. So if the main cause of APD is society, then other ethnic groups should show far more APD not?
  7. If you take the time to read carefully you can see that I do NOT say that APD is genetically determined. What I say is that psychopathy is caused by a variety of factors in which the anatomy and fysiology ( which are NOT genetic necessary ) are the most important. There has been found no single genome or combination of genomes at this time which causes APD, so you will not hear me say so. All recent research not financed by religious or other extremist factions has indicated that the vast majority of psychopaths do not have a childhood history of abuse, they have been not neglected, not been beaten, nor have they witnessed traumatic events. What I think you are doing is take the Hollywood myth of the psychopath instead of the real thing. Although most serial killers are psychopath's only a small percentage of psychopaths are serial killers. One of the theories which is strongly supported by logic and facts is that serial killers are insane psychopaths and that their insanity is most often caused by serious mental trauma from their childhood. So serial killers ARE probably "created" by psychological neglect/abuse in their childhood. However psychopathy is NOT caused by psychological neglect/abuse in any way. Your brain structure does not suddenly change because you ar ebeing yelled at.......... As you mention Ramin, environmental factors are certainly important and might be decisive in the "creation" of a psychopath, but those environmental factors are nutrients, radiowaves, pollution etc etc. YOU name the most important factor in your first post and your theory as ABUSE from society. And that is incorrect because there are psychopaths which have not been abused. If abuse were the most important factor all/most psychopaths would show a history of abuse, this is not true, so your theory is either incorrect or incomplete. What I think you have done is make a conclusion too fast, just like what you have apparently done about my first post in this thread. I say that is it not caused by psychological problems and you assume that; A. I think it is genetic ( wrong ) B. That I am a patriot ( wrong, I am not an american nor a patriot ) C. That I am political driven ( I support no party ) You just do no take the time to consider all possible factors it appears to me.
  8. Brain tumors are so deadly because they often are not able to reach it with surgery and because chemotherapy in the brains is very dangerous.
  9. Anti-social personality Disorder is "practically" what is simply said "psychopathy". I am sorry to say this so harshly Ramin, but you apparently know nothing of basic psychology. Psychopathy is most often NOT caused by society, it is a anatomic/fysiological difference in the brains compared to the "normal person". Basically it means that the emotional part of the brain is cut off from the logical part of the brain and that the actions of those people are not influenced by any "human" emotions. No love, remorse, pity, not even real anger or real hate. Psychopaths just do not have a "conscience" which works so they will always just do what is the best for themselves. Most psychopaths are not real criminals, there is no need to commit crimes if you can have "fun" without committing crimes. Abuse CAN lead to problems, even problems with anger, but that has nothing to do with APD, or psychopathy. And it is rarely society which causes anger problems, it are individuals who cause psychological damage.
  10. The meaning of the sentences/words was NOT random or by what was most likely. Each word changed it ending according to it's function. It is a system of conjugations, which still take place in most languages. By changing the endings ( in most languages ) the meaning of the word changed from subject to adjective etc. English has as origin multiple languages, with gaellic, germanic and later latin influences. To make the language easier most conjugations were changed with standard prefixes. As for the question if Latin is better for the mind then English? With so few people really speaking Latin that is hard to say, but it is known that people with Western languages often are able to reason more logically then people with Chinese languages. And that Chinese languages stimulate the artistic part of the brain more then Western languages do. Most studies into this has been condemned though because some ignorant politicians say that they fear such studies can promote racism
  11. Hiv/AIDS is constantly mutating and there is not a real possibility of a vaccin or cure anytime soon. It is easy to say for a group of "scientists" that there will be a cure in 20-40 years, after all that means that they can steal more funds for 20-40 years....... You either have a wrong view about Medicine and/or about Holistic healing. Holistic healing is for 50% a fraud ( people selling cures for cancer, vitamine tablets which are not needed etc ), the other 50% works mainly in ensuring a healthy diet, which prevents a lot of diseases. By medicine there are certainly mistakes made ( especially in backwater regions ) and sometimes MD's even commit fraud, but generally MD's will help you prevent symptoms WHILE allowing your body to heal naturally. One more thing about vitamins which are used A LOT at Holistic Healing...........they are one of the biggest frauds there are. If you eat a normal variety of food and don't spend your days locked up inside your house you WILL have the necessary vitamins. If you take vitamin pills it is completely useless in that case.
  12. What you can do with molecular biology differs from nation to nation in some degree. However the people I know with degrees in molecular biology mainly work in hospitals or research institutes and their job is mainly research. Although specializing in a sub-category of molecular biology is definitely worth it, it's more important to know a lot about all different categories. I know a molecular biologist who specialized in a technique and knew everything about that. Till a better technique was discovered and he basically got downgraded a lot.
  13. Length is not determined just by genes. Nutrients are very important for somebody to reach his/her maximum length. There are plenty of women taller then their fathers.
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