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  1. Actually Rome did eventually divided into 10 kingdoms. And the for countries listed not only rose and fell in that successive order, they were the most important empires of history at that time. Also it would be fitting that Rome was the last, since that is when Jesus was born. It wasn't until late that it divided. I don't mean that offensively, I just like to discuss things.
  2. I was just wondering how to scientifically explain the prophesies in Daniel. They describe in detail the rise and fall of Babylon, Meado Persia, Greece (Alexander the Great), and Rome. Right now I'm talking about the old prophesies not the ones that haven't happened yet. We know this was written before the events happened because of old texts that state Alexander the Great visited Jerusalem. Thease texts (which are agreed upon to be cretable) state that he read the prophesies (which had to have been written before he got there) and thought he was the one fulfilling them. (Which he was.) Here i
  3. The gospels are not fiction. Those people thout the God himself wrote them! (Pun intended) They carefully copied them word for word and sent them to the different churches. All of the Gospel accounts we have are the same. So they didn't evolve overtime. Roman records showed his disciples all (except for John) died horrific deaths for claims about Jesus. I don't know anout you, but I wouldn't be crucified upsidown for something I didn't believe. And they didn't do it for fame either. They were less than famos back then, they were regarded as lunatics.
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