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  1. Curvature Of Space May Be Wrong

    Thank you for reading my PDF, this is the response I was looking for. You take the photographs first and if I am wrong then there is no need for calculations. Reply would be good i am looking for a open discussion about this.
  2. Science has given us, in the past century or so, tremendous advances in all sectors of human endeavours and understanding. But yet, in my reading I have found inconsistence in measurements, inconsideration of all influencing factors, in different subjects, and seeing things from only one perspective. I will start this endeavour by stating some of these things as I see them, in hope I may get some feedback from you out there in cyberland, and correction with valid reasons where necessary. I have chosen to title this The Facts and Fallacies of Science in hope it will receive more attention, not that I know all the facts or the fallacies... Take a look at the PDF I would appreciate any feed back. FACTS & FALLACIES OF SCIENCE.pdf