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  1. Does it even matter really? All of this isn't what I asked. Just in general, why does it have an effect? Why does a certain type of vibration of soundwaves have an effect on the growth speed of bacteria?
  2. I used my fingerprints and as you know there are lots of bacteria on your hands, so probably at least I think that they are infected with the same kind of bacteria.
  3. I have infected twelve soils, three aren't listening to any music, three are listening to rock, other three to pop music and the last three classical. I've been doing it for four days now and the results are super clear. I did some research and the only thing I could find is that it has to do with the vibration of the soundwaves. But is that really it?
  4. Hello everyone Im doing a project about the effect music has on bacteria and my results so far are that classical music makes them grow faster, but my question is why? Why does bacteria grow faster when listening to classical music?
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