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  1. But as I'm theorising that Reality is simulated, intelligent seems perfectly adequate. In the same way AI in a video game could be seen to be "intelligent" design.
  2. 1) Actually, dark matter is theorised to be around 5-6x more common than "normal" matter. 2) Again, I'm saying gravity is possibly a product of, not a reactor to, matter & dark matter. 3) As above. No where did I state it did. Although one could argue that Einstein's theory of the bending of space time is a form of repellency. 4) There are issues with Einstein's theory relating to gravity. For instance, there is supposed to be an equal and opposite reaction for everything, yet concerning gravity there is none. It just is.
  3. In Einstein's model yes. The bending of space time around a gravitational mass will cause a nominal slowing. However, as observed on astronomical bodies and astronauts etc, time also slows down, theoretically, because of velocity. You seem to misunderstand me. 1) I actually meant dark matter, not anti-matter. Serves me right for trying to be clever at 2am. 2) See above. 3) I was stating that gravity is maybe a byproduct of matter and dark matter's interaction. I'm not stating it as an anti-force of any kind. 4) Successful but not perfect. That's why I consider it a good idea to probe it relentlessly! Thank you! But that's actually what I meant, not anti-matter. Serves me right for trying to think at 2am! XD
  4. Does anyone else think that gravity could essentially be a force created by the interaction between matter & anti-matter, similar to the force of positive and negative magnetism? Only in this case anti-matter creates an even force around a body of matter, repelling each other enough to keep the mass of matter in a Constant shape? Or, maybe they attract each other instead. In equal balance so one doesn't overwhelm the other. Maybe this creates time too. Sort of acting on the principle of a railgun. This might also help explain why time slows down the further you move away from a solid mass such as Earth. Hope I explained that clearly enough!
  5. Hi, So, I've just been considering some things lately. After a recent bereavement I've been thinking of what life and existence really is. For a while I've wondered if Reality is just a simulation. The theory is quite an old one obviously, but there are certain things that make me think this may be correct. I'll try and lay out a few ideas here, but please keep in mind it's 1am as I write this lol. Atomic construction; evolution of 3D rendering. So as you may or may not know, 3D objects in games/CAD/etc are generally constructed of polygons. Flat triangles (or sometimes rectangles) applied in such a way on a 2D surface (such as a PC screen etc) to give the impression of 3D. To that outside observer viewing the screen there is a tangible 3D "thing" there. But in actuality it's a hollow space. A shroud around nothingness. Then we get to more advanced things such as how physics etc are applied to these 3D shells. They can only affect that shell on a crude level. The granularity of it compared to what we perceive in the real world is frankly pathetic. Nothing but a crude approximation. Now think, how might we improve upon this? Imagine if those 3D shells were not created as only outside lairs, to be controlled on such a crude level. What if you constructed using intelligent shapes (I.e atoms)? Shapes that were already carrying the ability to react to outside instruction (such as physics). Shapes that intelligently worked in a 3D space, unlike the crudeness of polygons. To me that seems like a logical evolution. I'll finish this latter. That really was horribly written! XD Some random notes... .::Simulated Reality::. Holographic Universe 2D to 3D. Inside perspective of a simulation perceived as 3D, but outside perspective shows it to be 2D manipulated as faux 3D. 4D is 3D from both outside and in. Quantum Duality Results depending on what was sought. Existing only when observed. As if scripted to expectation. Resolution of Reality Can only observe structure of reality at maximum "zoom" of the atomic level. As if the projector of Reality has a finite resolution. Atomic Construction Evolution of 3D construction. Atoms as self-contained intelligent building blocks. Energy as a Constant. May change form/type, but cannot be "destroyed". Therefore electro-energy can be considered an immortal essence of sorts. Multi-Parallel Simulations Reality as one of many "dimensions". Separated by 5D space into possibly infinite branching paths. To cross "boundaries" would require moving into 4D perspective (possibly through a black hole as it would increase perception of existence on the stable physical ("normal" Reality) and the unstable horizon (warped reality of the event) as pulled across. Time as a Constant. Would seem to be a construct or side effect of quantum perception or duality. Cannot be "seen" in any physical manner, but its effects are perceived when looked for. Could be a side effect or inevitable consequence of branching "realities" in 5D space. The chicken is the egg so to speak!
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