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  1. Could radiowaves compact chords change our way of life? Frequencies equivalent to a C D E F# G# A# B Db Eb F G A: 440 Hz (KHz, MHz) 494 554 622 698 784 831 932 1046 1175 1318 1480...
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    Updating choice: Piracetam+Magnesium+Iodine+Lorazepam (blocks for favorable molecules in th sense of the proverb: an apple a day keeps the doctor away) Best wishes
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    Poetry is part of reality Projections?
  4. ALO


    Our condition of people requires reality to have extra dimensions. The common things have four dimensions: length, width, height and time. Apart from the temporal uncertainty, our condition of people takes on other dimensions capable of fulfilling our reality, let's speak of love, hope and faith. Seven dimensions to give the universe a personal sense with quantum resonances. P.S. Other dimensions: science, art, intuition, technology, courage...
  5. There are many reasons to discuss human condition, God seems to be the main one...
  6. It's commonplace to be said that madness is a brain biochemical issue. Just that? I feel madness happens when kindness is low in the "terroir", and reiterating- I feel the main cause of madness is the low level of kindness in the environment we are moving in. A pill of sympathy does a lot.
  7. The best of Religion is the discussion of human sense, options and future. How could we do without Religion?
  8. While waiting for the experiments:
  9. I agree, quite vague. It is not really certain that a fantasy produces concrete results.
  10. I mean those frequencies could be mean values of a wavering tone.
  11. An ancient issue? Genesis 1 26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. My last thought was: God exists if it exists for you, (God is in quantum order) which means that it's your responsibility to be a child of God.
  12. A pulse could be necessary...
  13. ALO


    Thousands of molecules are in the chemical trash after they have passed the screen of experimentation, losing the category of useful molecules. When we come to biochemistry we find hundreds of favorable molecules whose knowledge has allowed us to solve many personal problems. I feel this concept of favorable molecules as a challenge, something like judo when facing adversity. Could molecules constructed with piracetam, magnesium and fluorine or lorazepam, magnesium and fluoride be biologically useful, for example, in the treatment of cancer? I have no responsibilities in basic research, I just have the duty to know the state of the art in my profession. It's the sharing...
  14. We are sensitive to music. What about matter? Is there a song that impresses protons, neutrons, or electrons? A song that can have testable physical or biological effects? The colors of the spectrum of light remind us of a chord of seven consecutive notes (built with musical intervals of seconds). Could chords on the radio spectrum be new lights to determine relevant scientific advances? For example one: 4243 Hz 4495 5045 5345 6000 6735 7560 equivalent to F# G A Bb C D E (frequency relation G: F # = 1.0594631) or a 7000 Hz 7857 8819 9899 11112 11773 13214 equivalent to F# G# A# B# C## D# E# Could chords like these at the right frequency and pulsation have physical or biological impact? I wonder if I'll ever have the answer...
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    Disturbing ideas: 1. Symmetry recalls the mystery of the origins 2. Reality is dual, nothing is the door 3. -e^R= "alter mundus" 4. Everything is equal to the exact question 5. The Universe is a hologram of fraction and sharing of identity with future 6. Debts are so important for economy as a box of money 7. Time is windy Consequences in Algebra? So: -D^0= -1 +D^0= +1 0^0= +1 and -1 -D/0= (( negative infinite +D/0= )) positive infinite 0/0= () a singularity (-D is negative domain; +D is positive domain) -d x -d= -d-2 +d x +d= +d2 (-d is an element of -D; +d is an element of +D) Trouble?
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