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  1. Is the event horizon of a BH a perfect sphere, an infinitesimal skin, but spherical never the less, absolute?
  2. I understand this element comes into play with lesser examples, with simple magnetism. Surely there is no lack of proper material, or electrical conditions within the halves of a BH, halves being either side of an EH. *edit* I just imagine that the extreme condition (of a BH), which shows the extremes of gravity, would also be sufficient condition for extreme electromagnetic/magnetic possibility. I just imagine a BH has to have magnetic/electromagnetic properties, and I just have to imagine they are fairly extreme like is gravitational properties. I wish long ago, instead of being nudged toward art and imagination, I would have been nudged toward math and science.
  3. I would like to play dummies advocate. From my understanding there are magnetic fields for just about anything with mass? And normally the more mass, the larger the field and strength of it? But, I have more mass than the magnet in my hand, which I guess is not the case in terms of density, but collectively ... it has a stronger magnetic field. Anyhow, as you can see magnetism is on my brain. I would imagine there is some theoretical topic phrase for the thought experiments involving electro/magnetism and what it's like at or near BH. The questions turning my noodle stiff are, if it's ... there, Is it possible for the mass that lies past the EH to ... exhibit a magnetic field/force beyond the EH? Like wise, would the mass pre-EH have a field that would ... effect that of the BH? Does it start to ... fold in on itself like gravity or matter does? What is the name of the field concerning thoughts about this ... stuff? What's the leading theory called ... if there is something other than ... pure speculation.
  4. I know they don't mix well, I was just trying to draw crude -almost parallels/similarities with an inadequate vocabulary and understanding. I have heard a bit about string theory, but I just can't visualize, strings, planes, or "cosmic" skin. Sphere/circles/disks - maybe I'm hung up on the linear representation that comes to mind when I think of a string but ... I don't know, it just seems to me that the relative shape mechanics would be consistent. atoms and their parts seem to scale up into planets and moons, systems, galaxies, universe then suddenly things seem to go flat. Maybe a string is more like a ripple! Again, I'm grateful for all the time saving, via link, thanks for putting up with me! I think I have enough material to cover my interests for now! I'll be back to drive you nutty again later! *edit* What I was trying to get at with magnetism is more like a cosmic binary, on being BB, and off being BH ... or something like that. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedFrom what I have read so far, between Fecund theory and String, I would imagine the 2 to work together somehow. And where ST describes connections as "strings," I would imagine them more as ripples or currents. I get that they are pretty much the same thing, but on the specials I have seen about string theory, it's always represented by planes and lines visually ... and I can't get around that. What I got from Wiki is that both are within possibility but more merit is given to ST, because there is a greater chance of observation? I think I'll be picking up some new books this summer, an will be more comfortable with elements going over my head, rather than swirling around in it and making a mess ... like my current read for class, The Republic of Plato.
  5. I will try avoiding rambling too much, and try to actually look into things a bit more, but it's hard to resist just raising a question or two amongst people whom have a greater knowledge already to help refine my search parameters. I have a tail end question, would any of said theories encompass a BH or BB as transition points? That a BB would function as returning everything to a universal center for a bounce, etc. But some like magnets? The one polarity end of the singularity would be a BH and the other a BB and there is an endless assortment of them? For every BH, in another dimension or plane there is a BB? SS sounds silly to me, and the BBT is almost right there with it. I don't know. Sorry for the babble! And thank you for the input!
  6. When I think of gravity, and its flagship, I think of a black-hole. To my understanding is it the heavy-weight of gravity, the champion. And when I think of a black-hole I think of something like ... water going down a drain, it collects all the little particles of ... stuff around it and swirls it down. Up to the point of the event horizon, we can see gravity "sucking" everything down to the ... "mouth of the drain." a collapsing effect If for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, would a big-bang be this opposite champion? And an explosion or, repelling effect by a big bang? *edit* I am not a scientist by any means, just a dualist ... with my head in the clouds. In all seriousness, I am not trying to question in a manner of ignorance, I just want to visualize somewhat better what possibilities there might be. The line of thought I am in, goes along with what I posted in the size of the universe thread posted by MB. I am more visual thinker. I also see some of a parallel with magnetism, the way I visualize the way a black-hole and big-bang work.
  7. And again, assuming that a black-hole might be the best ... visual characteristic for gravity, would it be logical to assume a ... big-bang would be the best visual opposite ... for anti-gravity? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedIf it is a stupid assumption, and I need to be hit with the dummy stick, please by all means do so.
  8. I guess I'm quite dumb, because what I can't get my mind around are black-holes. I don't know very much, but still I find the sky inspiring. I don't know at what rate this said increasing rate is at, or if ... it can exceed that of light ... if gravity is ultimately stronger than light, via black-hole, how could anything ever really expand to begin with, unless like there is something that can trap light, there is something that can accelerate it? I find it very strange indeed, some shows I have seen, professing that quite possibly black holes are not the abnormality they were once thought to be, but much rather ... the more common opposite. And like mega hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes ... there are even mega black-holes looming in the hub of galaxies! Holy yin-yang Batman!! Would there be a mega-ultra-ginormous black-hole at the center of the universe? How did anything ever escape it? Would all these black-holes eventually collect each other and everything, or just everything in their way as the are pushed ever outward by something with a greater effect on gravity, over that which swallows light? To me the question almost seems like saying, how big or small is infinitely ... either. Could it work both ways? I think of the "universe" like bubbles ... some expand till they pop, some cave in on themselves, like stars .... and there is seemingly an unquantifiable amount of them like stars ... did, does, will, the big-bang ever stop? Do black holes .. ever ... stop? How many of them are there? My little brain is about to pop, I'll stick to science-fiction. I admire the hunt for more, and can only suggest that we simply do not have enough data, or the right kind, if we know what that is.
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