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  1. Physical attractiveness is the perception of the most suitable mate for reproductive purposes. Ideal physical health is correlated with the golden ratio among the features of the body and high fertility is likely in the presence of high estrogen levels during puberty in females (resulting in stronger feminine features i.e. larger breasts, rounder facial shape) or high levels of testosterone in males during puberty (resulting in stronger masculine features i.e. broad shoulders, square jaw). This principle is simplified and well explained in this video:
  2. I recently started taking singing lessons and actually learned that I possess this trait. My instructor realized this when I first started working with him and whenever I would miss a note, I reacted the way I always have: by vocalizing the hideousness of the sound. I’ve always done this. No matter what the instrument, I can always tell if a note is on pitch or even just slightly off. My instructor says it’s a gift while I think of it more as a curse because of the AWFUL feeling I get when I or anyone misses a pitch. Unfortunately, with this ability of identification doesn’t necessarily c
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