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  1. A friend of mine noticed that the units of torque, N x m, should be the same as the units of work, again, newtons times meters. Yet torque is expressed in newton-meters and work is expressed in joules. What's the difference? I think it has something to do with the difference between a cross and dot product, but that's just conjecture on my part. Thanks! N
  2. First off, mornin' ladies and gentlemen of Science Forums. I'm currently an AP Calculus student, and I've noticed that the College Board curriculum for calculus is kept strictly to real numbers. So that got me wondering: can you have imaginary calculus? I would guess that the answer is yes; if so, are the rules the same as real calculus? I did some messing around with f(z) = (z + zi). I haven't done anything with imaginary numbers for a while, but I think the graph of this would be a vector with a constant slope i? (Can you take slopes on the imaginary plane like a linear function?) I tried to find a derivative of z+zi that equaled i and found that if I took the derivative of zi over the derivative of z (zi's derivative being i; z's derivative being 1) I get i. So I did this like a parametric. Is any of this correct? Thanks, N
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