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  1. means there is no short cut empirical formula or other method to verify a company claim of certain EFC rd life? we have to believe whatever the company claims?
  2. http://www.omicsonline.com/open-access/effect-of-hydraulic-retention-time-on-anaerobic-digestion-of-xiao-jiahemunicipal-sludge-2252-5211-1000231.php?aid=76537
  3. what are the methods to verify a guns EFC life withour firing it for inspection purposes lets say.? if a manufacturer claims that his gun has life of 1500 EFC then how can it be verified.?
  4. Thanks a lot. your input has been very helpful
  5. yeah u are very much right.. actually i want to know the methods how the EFC is ascertained for a gun that it will last for 250 EFC for example as u quoted. by what methods manufacturer estimates and predicts life of gun in terms of EFC.? like one could be that thy make one prototype nd fire numbr of EFC rounds? or they carryout modelling and simulations to establish the life in EFC??
  6. What all methods are used to predict the life of gun's barrel in terms of EFC?
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