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  1. StringJunky wrote : " But each level is not getting denser, it's getting bigger with greater distances in between. " Perhaps that's just a natural consequence of clustering at bigger and bigger scales. Berj / KI3U
  2. Strange wrote : " What medium are you imagining these waves travel through? " The emergence of soliton waves depends on two essential characteristics sustained by the medium, to at least some extent : nonlinear dynamics, and energy conservation. Since all of the cosmos is being considered in the present hypothetical scenario, I think it is reasonable to ponder the possibility of regions within it which fulfill these requirements. No ? Berj / KI3U
  3. So let us assume for a moment that - in the absence of compelling / convincing evidence that cosmological solitons are impossible, that cosmo-solitons are possible and do indeed exist. Then : 1.) cosmic information from beyond any "cosmological horizon" may traverse said horizon, including inbound. 2. hence there is no definitive cosmological horizon. Berj / KI3U
  4. Hi everyone Interesting discussion. I was looking for it to continue a bit further (pun intended Toward that end I'll try stir the pot a little : how about cosmological solitons ? Solitons are pretty cool as regards their properties compared with ordinary waves in the same medium. So for instance an acoustic soliton can travel faster than the ordinary speed of sound. So what could we imagine for a cosmo-soliton that would make for interesting perspectives on the topics in this thread ? Oh, and I do know where I am : I am home ;-) Berj / KI3U
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