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  1. I can do anything i want =) feel free to suggest anything.
  2. yeah, that was the problem i found with that experiment, it would be too unnecessarily complex. Any other ideas for different experiments?
  3. Hi everyone, new to this forum =) I have a science assignment where i have to conduct an experiment. It has to be one of the ones where there's a control group and a group you test on. Something like the typical "lets grow some beans in water and some beans in soil and see which one grows faster". I want to do something fun and interesting though, nothing that cliche =D Has anyone got any suggestions? i don't want to spend too much money and i've for a reasonably amount of time. Ive had a look around the posts and thought about memory test type stuff like whether doing memory exercises makes people remember better and whether you remember things better earlier in the day. These experiments seem too vague though, its very hard to conduct them in the exact same circumstances. I've also thought about comparing more expensive products to cheaper ones. An example is expensive sunscreen and then home brand sunscreen. The experiment i thought of involved photography paper and somehow blocking sunlight with the sunscreen to see how much of it got developed but it seems too hard to control again. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks.
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