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  1. probably youve heard about this before if not here it is: classical logic breaks with this problem but what if we use quantum many worlds logic first i assume that the judge told the truth and the hanging will be uncertain and what does uncertain mean? i think it means that you dont know what world of the 5 posible you live in NOW, if you live in a death by monday world a death by tuesday world or so on so if you get by friday and you havent died you know for sure youre on a death by friday world and in the rest of them you just dont exist any more so you know theres now a single world left and you have certainty of which one it is so theres certainty of the world you live in and the judge has lied but lets suppose thurday came and you havent died now you can inhabit two posible worlds, death by thursday or death by friday in the rest the observer doesnt exist any more and as you can not be certain the world you live in is posible you die any time and the judge would have not lied, it depends in which of the two left worlds youre NOW but the elimination procces cant be extended any more as classically you would, as long as youre inhabiting two superimposed worlds you can not know in which one youre now so i think uncertainty can be defined as you can not be certain of which of the many worlds you live in but you know everythings posible
  2. well i guess this rightly belongs in speculations for its my personal interpretation of the wave function collapse i really appreciate you still allow discussion on it under your norms how does it being stoned make wrong, which btw youre confusing madness with being stoned, my state is natural i need no drugs for it your point is a fallacy call ad homine your crazy hence youre wrong and you should shut up if i search the number in base 27 hello in square root of two it will be somewhere and being sqaure root of two irrationally infinite i can search for as big number as i want, a number even as big as a midnight summer dream it should be there somewhere this is a paralelism with the wave function where all posibilities exist my point is that the reader of square root of two(the observer of the world) as everybody else has the free will to delete the parts he doesnt like again a man makes his own luck, concretely a man subcouncious
  3. in the other thread we are discussing what collapses the wave function in the double slit experiment ive been told that its collapsed by the measure instrument i agree with this but a measure instrument has an implicit observation of the measurement results how could you know the wave function has been collapsed if you dont observe the results, maybe it hasnt and you dont know you can not know for sure so if we take its the observer ultimately whom collapses the wave function seems to have been a choice of left or right slit but this is a problem to explain common reality, what if there are two observers and one collapses wave function so the photon goes through left slit and the other collapses it going trhough right this is not problem if the choice is negative you dont chose what slit goes through you chose what slit does not go through so the choices of the observer in the double slit experiment are: it does not go through left slit it does not go through right slit it does not go through neither slit then there would be not problem to explain consensual reality as each single person choice in square root of two decimals in base 27 are contained in the vein of the eternal typing monkeys all books stories and variations of them like borges explains in his babel library where all posible books are contained maybe your familiar with the forum stories where each poster posts a sentence and a story appears well in the case of sqaure root of two as a paralelism with the many worlds each observer would edit out sentences of the book square root of two the deleting allowance is infinite for sqaure root of two is infinite the story thats left after huge and eternal editions would be a story that tells exactly this consensual reality we live in of course the editions are made by the subcouncious so free will would be the most powerfull force of the universe with the power to destroy a whole universe and karma would be the subcouncious will we have for ourselves with no better judge than the self a man choses his own luck
  4. heres a videopost on experiments im conducting on randomness and the observer i have an opinion on how the observer affects the randomness of the double slit experiment: what does the photon make go through left or right slit? the observer choses the slit what happens if there are two observers and one choses left and the other right the observer doesnt chose what slit exists but which slit dont exist if one observer choses left slit and the other right not to exist none exist but in a thrid wolrd maybe left slit will have more appeal to both observers so that will exist this means weve been blaming alll the times others for what is our ultimate responsability each and each single person is ultimately responsible for everything that goes on on the world, maybe the ostricht is quantum edit: http://noosphere.princeton.edu/
  5. i came across this: https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/qstage/#/community/question?questionId=1afebf8a829741e6a69cb1a31fa3083b i dont know if thermal noise would involve a quantum effect but if it doesnt is not trully random cause it will be the same in all worlds given same initial conditions i think you confuse trully random with trully hard to break
  6. a quantum coin toss is to generate a random number by a quantum effect how is it done i have no clue quantum computers are able to generate random numbers by a quantum effect intel chips are not able to generate a random number by a quantum effect
  7. il explain it again: imagine there are two paralele world and in both you make a coin toss by hand or by a quantum effect the hand toss will have identical outcome in both worlds given identical impulse and angle the quantum coin toss will have different outcome in both worlds
  8. you may consider my consideration nonsense but you wouldnt even try, your imagination has been killed by this society but the guys at ibm just gave me unlimited acces to theyr computer: so far i did 4 google accounts to test the true random number generator and for every account i just could use it 3 times but in the four time i filled the questionary and put titel to my experiments: lightning a light for every 0.1% edge clapping hands 3 times for every 0.1% edge clapping hands 2 times for every 0.1% edge so far i tested a 5,2% edge on 8194 iterations bly clapping hands two times incidentally i wonder if starnge could be right and a computer based on the pc clock could be random since a human has a quamtum computer brain and hence the instant of the clock will be trully random so i got a no deposit bonus at a online casino and now i clap hands every time i win at slots synchronical the girl in the slot animation claps hands for every win if you delete this youre supressing scientific evidence that anyone can try at this stage of humanity
  9. im exposings facts i did not claim anything but factual results if you want you can test yourself i can pm the breath technique i develop it myself to find out it has oriental origin related to chi force i named it the atheist nightmare caus eit gets you stoned drug free naturally, also it stops your heart 5 or ten seconds from there the high, your body thinks he is gonna die and chills you down for that moment
  10. sorry but im not here to argue i just did the experiment here the results: first i said to myself ill run 4096 superpositions of 1 and zero and for every one hundred superpositions in whcih zero turns out ill stop my heart with the breathing technique one time the zero appeared with a 2.8% edge which meant 21 breaths next i said to myself well for every edge of the zero of 0.1% ill stop my heart one time in 8192 superposed worlds zero appear with a 4.2% edge that was meant getting euphoric breathing 42 times think the edge with a single deck blackjack game is 0.3% so if im right i can get rich just breathing shame i run of credits to run that computer
  11. im doing an interesting experiment with that true random number generator the problem is that i have litle acces to that computer while trying to give up smoking i find about a dnagerous oriental breathing technique that gets you high and euphoric i found out doing this breathing technique my heart would stop for five or ten seconds while everything begins to get dark though eventually it goes back to noraml so what im doing now is do this breathing technique to stop my heart depending if the outcome is a zero or one so far ive found a 15% edge on 1024 superpositions tonight ill try to see 4096
  12. not even the intel chips dare to call themselves true random cause theyre not a hand coin toss is unpredictable a quantum coin toss is trully random in a hand coin toss in all wordls theres the same outcome given the same factors in a quantum coin toss given the same initial factors in every world theres a different outcome hell even you can reproduce now shroedinger thought experiment with that quantum computer and an egg but of course you wont do this experiment nor thank me for my link cause you dont like physics its just your job and youre not here to learn youre here to argue i can grant you myself as soon i as i have eggs ill test
  13. youre confusing randomness with unpredictability and theyre not the same thing: the statistical analisis of random org could be applied to a coin toss and i think we can agree a coin toss is not random but too complex to be predicted but if you knew all factors with detail you could predict the outcome its the same for intel chips, theyre too complex to be predicted but not true random in order to avoid hacking those random number generators are just as random as the decimals of square root of two apparently random if you dont know the key but not quite
  14. thanks for the link, i was aware of that site but thats not trully random but just to difficult to predict as a coint toss which is neither random with that quantum computer you could for example check princeton studies on how global events like 911 or lady di death affected chance on TRUE quantum random number generators for example you could do this experiment there you couldnt do with your site you generate a true random number and if it turns one you kill an egg who knows maybe the universe abhorres a meaningless destruction of abeing
  15. i thought it would interest you how else could you use a true random number generator?
  16. but in the many worlds time travel would happen without changing the arrow of time so it would be posible the grandfather paradox would be no paradox at all it would be a different universe in which they live in a previous time
  17. yeah i meant superposition i know fiction art is not science but the man in the high castle is relevant cause its about the many worlds they use a heisemberg device there to travel among the different worlds for example a woman dies but next reappears being from another dimention whee she didnt die
  18. thanks for the heads up: im not allowed to post it here the image i did but you can render infinity in your screen with a webcam in less than 20 secs: connect the webcam and show output on your screen aim webcam to screen output play with infinity would this be a strange loop? edit: btw what you describe about that coffe causes me a strange feeling of being familiar with that brand and dejavu
  19. yes exactly being death means no observation unless you believe in afterlife and keep observing as a ghost but could the universes be in overposition and pop in and out of existence? in the man in the high castle tv series which is about the many worlds in the last moment of the last chapter of the first row of chapters theres a change of reality they live in a nazi dominant world to instantly change to an ally dominant one the thing is that nobody notices but the japanese high ranking diplomat so we would be blind to these changes of reality while the japanese guy saw them perfectly so the japanese guy could experience death bot not a person blind to this changes so is it posible the universes pop in and out of existence and we dont notice? do i live in the same world i was living two minutes ago?
  20. i know this is dificult to grasp but the observer can only observe if he is alive any observation which includes a death of the observer scenario doesnt exist edit: the observer can only observe if he is alive hence the only posible observation for the observer is being alive in the many worlds the posibilñity of being alive always exist ergo the observer will always observe himself alive (which btw doesnt mean will age for a trillion years i think we change our age all the time and dont even notice)
  21. i know of aleph the infinite as transfinite applied to numbers but this doesnt interest me much, im interested in the geometry aspect of it so the question is: does anybody know any transfinite geometry i could check?
  22. more art dealing with infinity and transfinity and one not mine curiosuly enough what i express here can not be expressed neither with numbers in base 10 nor with numbers in base 26, letters thats why i hope someone can point me to works on transfinity that re gemoetrical not numberical(from numb, cloud) here dealing with transfinity geometrically, you cant handle this with numb ers
  23. but if the many worlds interpretation is right it has dramatic consecuences: for example we can not be sure if earths atmosphere can be iginited just by a small fire we just have the practical experience it doesnt but how valid is this in the many worlds? lets suppose the chance a small light turns earth into an small sun is 99,999999999999% in all those worlds that earth burnt we died and have no perception we just can have the perception it doesnt because its the only case the observer has perception for example if this was true the worst thing you could do would be getting close to a safe enough nuclear refuge if the chance with trump now of global destruction is 99.9999999% we just can have a perception while alive if the world gets obliterated we get no perception but if you get close to a refuge chances would change now you have a high chance to remain alive thorugh wwiii so the perception would be that as soon as you get close to a nuclear refuge the nukes will go off but does this mean eventually well get to be a million years old? now we are immortal and we dont notice now we are 40 but in 2 seconds will be 80 and in 4 seconds 12 and in six maybe 40 again and like that forever its like what will the future bring in thousands of years in the many wolrds at least one earth will survive how will they acquire technological immortalilty i see two main options: clonation and ego loading and memory transfer or for example setting explosive charges in new borns set in such a away that whe a single person from this world dies everybody dies so your perception would be nobody you love dies ever and neither do you
  24. check this diagram on different sizes infinity and maybe you could point me to someting similar i could study: i just did this work based on this concept:
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