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  1. @Function "We are not to judge people based on their beliefs and religion," - i just gauged their logical thinking but i never said they are wrong or wat their beleiving is false. people who lacks logical/rational thinking are hard to talk to and i don't plan on arguing with them. do u think i do not understand? "1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance." - have you even encounter religious people who ridicule science but when someone trying to question the facts claim of their religion, you always hear "respect"? we are always the one who needs to be understanding (i just breathe my sigh into this world) @DrKrettin "If everyone has the right to freedom of thought, what do you think of a sect of about 30,000 individuals in London alone who do not allow their children to visit a museum in case they learn about evolution? What about the freedom of thought for these children?" - very well said! they are always yearning for freedom and respect but look at them. talking about hypocrite. really makes me sick @Function "I acknowledge the infringement of the human rights in that case. But since I don't have any kind of control over them, over their thoughts, nor over their actions whatsoever, I cannot say anything else than that I pity them." - you need to learn when to concede "I find mental restriction from religious beliefs extremely ugly." - why do u mean by mental restriction? no one had influenced me to become a freethinker (or atheist or realist or watever the term for those who dont believe in superstitions). i just see bible as like a fable book who teaches moral lesson but their claim of facts is something i cant agree with them. lol i do not know wats this mental restriction u r talking about? just because we dont acknowledge it as true? @DrKrettin "intense frustration rather than condescension" - looks like you lost in the forest "as he would like" - your knutz. so you arent totally feeling displeased when smelling and staring feces while eating ur food. good @Everyone transitioning into eccentric
  2. "But you posted the thread in the Medical Science section" - wtf?! all i thought this is just a simple psychology forum section... now that you mention, no wonder some people getting confused of wat i am talking about. PS: To Moderator, can you please move this thread to psychology not undering Medical Science. Actually, i always trying to find at least someone to talk to about theory or making deduction about something, discussing scientific stuff, but i could hardly find any. They have little to none ounce of curiosity unless it is about opposite sex, food establishment, vacation place, celebrity. Sure its fine to talk about them but i hope they arent just limited to those stuffs. "as if you're surrounded by people older than 20 years old acting as if they were 4-7 years younger" - most of them dont have a solid understanding of love (i shoot them some question). they even misunderstood "simple attraction" (simply because your sex hormone is knocking the door of ur brain) as love. unreasonably whiny. easy prey females to predator males. bonds (friendship) easily broken. they dont even have a solid insight about believing/trust. only few of them thinks deeply about future. believing easily to rumors/gossip. very self-centered. the list is endless "could help us understand that you feel as if they can't think in a rather logical way" - i shoot them 2 contradicting statement: (1) in the story "7 days creation of god", earth and human beings are just not more than 7 days old to each other based on the story timeline; (2) in science, earth 4.6 billion yrs ago - homo erectus 1-2 miliion yrs ago = surely not just 7 days. Using carbon dating, you can see as clear as blue sky the tremendous difference in age between the earth and the oldest human bone we have. So, the point is, one among the two stories is a lie, and they cant even discern it its kinda disappointing, whether they come from a medium family or not (wealth), some of them are lousy creatures (poor morality): the pantry says cleago but they just leave the table untidy as if they have maid or janitor to clean for them, comfort room being dirty some time (cr not flushed when there is a well functioning flush), a gadget leaved on purpose will still be there when theres a CCTV but when theres none, its just a matter of second and boom its gone (talking about fake humans), treating other people as if they were just objects for fun or for their satisfaction
  3. the brain quality in my surroundings vastly differ in which you, guys, live. too many 20+ whose maturity age is 4-7 yrs under their biological age. more than half of them can't even recognize/utilize what is logical thinking. heavily superstitious. so far i just mentioned the shallowness, we're not yet in the ugliness. i guess you get it now.
  4. "you are doing a great job at explaining" - if you dont get a hint from this then this is not for you: "if it isnt ugly its shallow", "devil in shining armor", "mob mentality and crab mentality", "lies and deception", (theres quiet some few more but this is it for now). try to make a juice shake out from the words i just given and drink it and you'll see edit: added: "lies and deception"; removed: single-minded (as there are different meaning for this depending on the situation)
  5. "making your surroundings beautiful?" - i have a feeling you didn't understand what i am talking about
  6. anyone here feeling the same way? not to mention the boredom you feel about them
  7. I've heard from a friend that eating chocolate is able to trick the mind into the same wavelength as you are falling in love, but what exactly happens there? - you are reading too much fiction ultimately hormone secretion in the brain - chemical basis of love. read about it in my case, it started when i hear this line in an anime i am watching back then (i was 16 yrs old that time): "your special someone is the MOST important person in your life". so, the me back then was wondering why or how. it takes me 2 yrs of deducing before i can get a better understanding/comprehension of it.
  8. 30 yrs? Im still alive that time. I hope i could've a glimpse of a real thing someday.
  9. To cut it short, does this D Antigen from RH+ human also present in Rhesus Monkey? OR Rhesus Factor is just a naming derived from Rhesus monkey because of its involvement in the research/experiment?
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