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  1. Thanks again renerpho for your your reply, I somehow didn't saw your answer before. I don't know what is wrong, but I will write today to authors of this experiment and see if they can help me. I've made lots of time this experiment but I'am always getting wrong final results. Thanks again for your involvement into this case.
  2. Hi renerpho, I'm extremely thankful for your response, I will try yours advice and see what will hapen, thanks . It is said in scietific paper that cristallization should appear up to melting point (1183C) and above this temperature material should become practically amorphous(what elimantes crystallization), but in my case during elevation of temperature it is becoming more and more cristallized. So I suppose that error is in scietific paper. Beneath this temperature I don't get any cristallized elements, but based on paper I should get it. Once again thanks, wish you all the best, best regards, Steczkowski Patryk
  3. If you're afraid of opening the zip file you can check print screens here: http://pictub.club/image/BWyK2 http://pictub.club/image/BWqy7 http://pictub.club/image/BWEam http://pictub.club/image/BWubH http://pictub.club/image/BWS1U http://pictub.club/image/BWwer http://pictub.club/image/BWnIo http://pictub.club/image/BWQxk http://pictub.club/image/BWPFx http://pictub.club/image/BWrYF http://pictub.club/image/BWeSQ http://pictub.club/image/BW5aj http://pictub.club/image/BW9yC I can't upload it right on this forum because the resolution is so bad that you won't see anything To see it you have to copy every link to your browser and click magnifying glass to see it more clearly. Thanks
  4. Hi, Can anyone check for me if I'm doing correctly calculations based on 2 equations? Especially an integral because I don't really know how should I compute it. I'm calculating it in microsoft excel (I've got those equations from scientific paper, and I don't really know if there is a mistake or maybe I'm doing something wrong, because I should get other results than I'm actually getting) (I've put both equations and excel file in attachments). From the beginning, I've got a model created in Abaqus CAE and I am taking temperatures of elements from there (temperature depeneds on time, because it it connected with laser irradiation, laser position is changing with time). Then I'm puting it in Arrhenius equation (6). From equation (6) and time I'm calculating integrals (using Trapezoidal rule), subsequently I'm putting it into equation (5). Can anyone help me? Thanks, best regards, Steczkowski Patryk Crystallinity_Degree.zip
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