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  1. A way to prevent the use of nukes might be direct democratic control of the declaration of war with say... 88% approval. Think about it, a single autocrat with full power will survive the doomsday scenario underground with his family and will therefore consider nuclear options, an elite might very well be ready as well and accept to declare a nuclear war, but a whole people going on suicide mode is just extremely improbable. What about deterrence from other people's attacks? well that can be set to automatic response. If they attack we automatically retaliate but if everyone's using real democratic control for attacks then there won't ever be a nuclear war
  2. Hi everyone, Interesting comments on an interesting and rather rare topic (although I think there's actually various phenomena discussed here..). For those of you that say the white cell theory makes sense and those that say it comes from a few dead cells we must be talking about something different, namely some minor eyesight disfunction; because I see thousands of these sparks at a time (if not millions honestly) and that doesn't seem to fit the theory does it? Moreover I don't see that blue or even an external source of light makes a difference, I see them just as well in a dark room with my eyes closed. My phenomenon doesn't seem to be moving in patterns, my heartbeat seems not to influence it, it just twinkles constantly like stars really. It looks a bit like a night sky with less dark space, or maybe like the networks of neurons in the brain, somehow it feels to me as if infused with data... :S it's very beautiful in any case Like many of you unfocusing from any particular object and generally emptying my mind from specific thoughts makes them appear. I intuit this phenomenon is seeing the fabric of life, what the Vedas call the Brahman, the Ultimate Reality, source of the material world, made of light and void. After all isn't it a fact that energy is everywhere around us, dear scientists, and that the material world transmits data? Dismissing mystic experience from scientific enquiry was a wrong that needs righting, obviously that's my view Regards, TRWS
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