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  1. does MgO combust? MgO + H2O => Mg(oh)2 if so how much energy is given off from the reaction? how can i figure this out for myself... its been a while since i have done real chemistry...
  2. my question is that in this scenario what would the result be? i heard that MgCl under electrolysis will produce mg(s) + cl(g) which is what i am after. i am hoping that mg(s) would then react with the water to produce hydrogen(g) and Mg(oh)2 which would react with the HCl to form MgCl + 2(H20) does this make sense or am i missing something?
  3. so you guys are saying that its tottaly impossible to get MgO back to Mg there is no way to ever remove the O?
  4. yeah i react it with water and want to know see if there is a way i can save money by heating or electrolysis to get it back to the usable mg.
  5. is there an easy way to extract Mg from Mg(OH)2
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