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  1. Give yourself practice tests. Cover up your notes and see if you can remember them. It is important that you practice testing yourself as that strengthens memory better than simply reading notes over and over gain. I noticed that you said you were highlighting key points in your notes. You're studying the wrong way. You need to practice retrieving things from your memory as that's the same thing you do in a test.
  2. Person with spinal cord injury after a 30 ft fall exhibits: -Neck pain -Inability to move any extremities -can raise shoulders -No perception of sensory stimuli below the clavicle -Some lateral sensation on arms, but no sensation on forearms and hands -No triceps or wrist extensor reflexes. Minimal biceps brachii stretch reflexes -Slightly elevated respiratory rate -Pupils equal and reactive to light -Spasms and exaggerated stretch reflexes of the lower extremities From looking at a dermatome map, I think that there was a severing of the spinal cord at the C5 level. Can anybody point out any flaws in this logic? He's able to breath on his own so I'm assuming that the diaphragm is mostly fine and that the injury is somewhere along the lower cervical level, but I am not sure where exactly.
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