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  1. I am stuck on this problem in this calculus book I am reading. I was wondering if someone could tell me the method of finding the answer: A mass M is drawn up a straight incline of given height h by a mass m which is attached to the first mass by a string passing from it over a pulley at the top of the incline and hangs vertically. Find the angle of incline in order that the time of ascent be a minimum. Yours sincerely, Bahoz Mirweis.
  2. I am currently reading a book on calculus and I have come across a problem which I can't solve. I do feel like the answer is something simple. Please note that I am fairly new to calculus. Thank you.
  3. The reason why I thought 0 was the wrong answer, was because in a book I read it split the integral up into two different integrals and then added them together. But, I don't own that book anymore or remember the method very well. Anyway, I'll just take 0 as the answer.
  4. when I tried to do: I came to the answer of 0 and I know this is not right. I do remember that you had to split the problem up and then integrate those or something like that. Could someone tell me the answer with their method.
  5. I already know all of this. I figured it out anyway, I was misinterpreting what the book was saying.
  6. I have a test soon, and I was reading up on the different types of bonding. But, there are somethings that I don't get with the electronic current. Firstly when an ionic compound is a liquid or aqueous, then you can place electrodes and the ions of different charges would move to the electrodes of the opposite charges. I get all of that. But, then how would the current pass through the water if the positive charged electrons are attracted to the negative electrodes. Also, I am a bit confused about metallic bonding and graphite/graphene. If there is a sea of delocalised electrons, then won't the electrons in the current get repelled by the electrons in the metal? Thank you.
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