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  1. Tri-Sodium-Phosphat (TSP) Greased Lightning A pressure washer The sun and rain will fade it
  2. Perhaps I am missing something but you only have 15A max from your transformer. The bridges will handle 25 amps, 10 more then your transformer will deliver. If you want to drop the voltage, I would suggest a voltage regulator. There are many available as either fixed or variable voltage and many can be paralled or used to drive a power transistor to do the regulation for high currents.
  3. Didn’t I read something about this the other day? Something about making people more trusting? Boy will the used car salesmen, insurance salesmen and THE GOVERNMENT snap this one up.
  4. Car AC's are brute force monsters. They have WAY more capacity then a home AC. That is because they have a "green house" with hot metal around it to cool.
  5. When you work with them, move slowely and delibertly. Don’t get excited and make sure you are not going to do something like drop a hive lid. I have found that 2 hives are better then one.
  6. I was reading the post on cracking knuckles and if it causes arthritis or not. I got to thinking about arthritis and remembered that I once knew a fellow that used WD-40 on his arthritic joints. I have also read about doing this also. I got to wondering if anyone has ever tried this and what the results were.
  7. ag4gt


    I have: 700' of potatoes; 50 peper plants; 100 tomato plants; 100' of onions; 200' of cucumbers; 400' of corn; still to go: beans; peas; and perhaps okra.
  8. Thank you very much! That is just what I needed.
  9. You can get a catastrophic policy for yourself only for about $75 (US) per month. A catastrophic policy is one that does not start paying until you reach a very high amount that you owe, perhaps $5,000 or $10,000. These are not for small things but will cover you if you were in say a bad car wreck. You are correct about things being complicated. I have been fighting for months to get a bill cleared up. I can’t get the doctor and the insurance company to talk to each other. It is just a fight we all have to endure.
  10. Can anyone give me the general formula for the number of can in a pyramidal stack? Say you have a stack of soup cans. The first row (the one on the bottom) of cans has N cans in it. The next row has N-1. This continues until you reach N rows which has 1 can in it. Thanks
  11. ag4gt

    Wiring a stoplight

    I saw some plans a long time ago using 3 LM555 timers that triggered each other in sequance. Each timer pulled in a relay. Also the on time for each relay can be set independently.
  12. There was a young lady named Bright; Who traveled much faster then light. She started on day in a relative way; And returned on the previous night.
  13. Try vinegar, just plane simple white vinegar. I use it to clean up rusty tools and such. Just make sure you cover it COMPLETELY. It usually take about 24 hours.
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