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  1. the univerrse is ever expanding, so there could never be an end to learning, the only thing is, we first have to learn how to get to the end of the universe before our bodys decay on the trip there
  2. i fail to see the creapy factor..... and the point is not to use the sulfer, it is simply to atain it. he just wants to know if its possible lol, very simple question!
  3. sobe

    Imortality Drive

    good point, but even if we are brought back as bio servents, we can evetualy revolt and bam humans are back an kicken, and we got alien tech now
  4. i disagree, its a small step that i can only see it helping the experiement, directly freezing them, they might survive, but probly with some tissue damage, and therefore not as healthy. you want to do it asbest as you can, dont be lazy, it might even increase the survival rate. infact, maby double the batches and make one half of the flys direct freezed, and the other half slow frozen. and maby slow and fast thawing?
  5. ok, the artical i posted confused me a bit but i thought it proved your point, but any ways thanx i thought of it from an old episode of good eats the cooking show, talked about keeping frozen meats better preserved and such.
  6. sobe

    Imortality Drive

    they might not find or know what it is, but if they did, then they could want to reconstruct humans purely out of intrest. if humans found an alien dna code and had the tech to reconstruct an alien life form, we'd do it in a heart beat. out of this reasoning, we asume they might do the same.
  7. sobe

    Imortality Drive

    cameron, it was just the code, no accual genetic material.
  8. what about in another instence of reality in which math was desighned in another way so that 2 could have a rational square root? might not be this reality, but its there
  9. yes, but the food has some water in it, and water is one of the things he'll be feeding them, so could this affect it? and that could be right, but i believ i saw that your suposed to place meats in a refridurator before freezing, because the ice crystals are smaller and puncture the cells...of corse i could be wrong and ill go check myself now to make sure Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedok as for the freezing thing, you were right, i was foolish to argue against you hear is a guide i found to prove your point lol http://everything2.com/title/Freezing%2520b
  10. you can make something out of nothing you just gota know how and aparently know one does lol ~~nothing is impossible if you believe its not!~~
  11. pretty much anything can be made into a bomb lol...hes just intrested in extracting a base element from something like food, nothing scary about that. i know you can get iron from cerials by smashing it to dust and using a decent powered magnet.
  12. what about flys without food? the food could expand wile freezing and burst the stomach. also, i think putting them in the freezer might freeze them too slowly, and so i suggest putting im the fridge first. the slower they freeze the smaller ice crystals will be.
  13. sobe

    Imortality Drive

    Hiya all, i was watching a show called Life After Humans, and it mentioned a bit about something called the Imortality Drive (ill call it ID from now on) that was on the International Space Station (ISS from now on). it said the ID had the entire DNA codes for a few people such as stephen hawken, some porn star, and Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report tv show, and was ment that if the human race was wiped out and an intellegent alian life form found earth and the ID thye could recreat humans. could humans be recreated just by knowing the recipy for there making? have we alrea
  14. dudde, i agree with everything upto accents/slang usage. i think that, while some very intellegent people would use slang, i believe also, that most would find people would take them more seriusly if they used correct grammer and such, and would, if not use extreem grammar, would atleast take a slightly abouve average intrest to it.
  15. well, i understand the iq/intellegence thing, i was meaning to put a little thing at the top or bottem that i generaly ment intellegence and such, but left that out, ill add that in a moment. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedyeah those are how i think it would be, im hoping for some charts or something, ill look into that, and some arguments of how high intellegence might curve religion and such diffrently than we are expecting.
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