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  1. My BIOS were not at all similar. I went through everything again last night, and couldn't find any kind of settings that would effect SATA other than the "enable/disable" option on the main page.
  2. Cool, thanks for the info. My brother and I jacked around with the BIOS a ton, but I'm not sure what those are set to, so I'll check when I get home.
  3. Ok, I have the new HD in, and its not detecting it either. It shows it at the boot, but nothing when I try to install it. I'm now wondering if the jumper by my SATA connectors on my MOBO need to be adjusted or something. I cannot find any documentation about jumper settings for my board (ASUS P4S800D-X). Anyone got any other ideas?
  4. Yeah, my MOFO has primary and secondary IDE slots, and 2 seperate SATA connections on it. We tried disabling the IDE channel, and it had no effect. I returned the original SATA drive, and got a new one (Western Digital this time). I'm going to try installing it tonight, and see how that goes. Thanks for your help guys.
  5. I appreciate your thoughts on this. The ports are labeled 1 and 2. I've tried both. (tried 1 originally) Ya know, I'm not sure what it did when I tried booting directly to the HD. I'll try that. I went ahead and jacked my IDE HD from my old computer, and slapped that in, and its working fine. I don't believe jumpers are required for it. I know my HD itself says it doesn't have any, and I'm pretty sure my MOBO is supposed to be jumper free for that. There is something with a jumper on it near the SATA connections though. I'll have to look for some more documentation on it. I checked my manual and it never said what those were for. Oh well, at least I have my old HD working now. If nothing else, I'll take the new one back and either exchange or just get a refund.
  6. Plug one into the PS/2, and the other into the USB, and use both!!
  7. oh, my hardware btw is MOBO = Asus P4S800D-X HD = Maxtor SATA 350 watt P/S At work right now, so cant really look at the specifics.
  8. Ok, so I built a new computer. I've had a few problems, but they're probably just id10t errors. I have everything hooked up now, and the mobo is posting. I see my HD listed in the boot priority options. I can run the HD software, and partition it, and what have you. When I go to install windows xp pro is where I have a problem. It starts up, and gets to the point where it basically says "Do you want to install windows? (hit enter), or not install windows (F3)" I hit enter, and it then tells me I have no HD. My question is, WTF? I've had the hardware tested, and everything checked out, so it must be user error. Does anyone have any ideas? I know its hard to TS when you aren't actually there, I'm mainly hoping for some previous experience to enlighten me. I appreciate your help!
  9. serpents have hair?
  10. Wait! ... I've got it! If you get down to the atomic level, the ball cannot possibly be a perfect sphere, therefore it would have to be more blue.
  11. Yeah, I just need to make sure I don't take a wild guess as I've been known to do before. Like when I upgraded my RAM a long time ago, and got ECC, and then found out I needed non-ECC. I'll just check everything to make sure it is compatible.
  12. Ok, in the same line as the thread about upgrading RAM, I have a question.. I am planning on building a computer pretty soon, and its the first time I'll be building one, as opposed to just buying it all assembeled. I was just wondering what key things to check for as far as mother board, CPU, and RAM compatiblity, to make sure I don't do something stupid, and buy stuff that isn't compatible. Or if anyone happens to know of a good source to check the compatibility of such things? Thanks for your help...
  13. Yeah, I noticed dictionary.com didn't have it too. I get "One entry found for Slite." when I got to webster's site though. http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=slite I just want to knwo what they are finding, because I cant seem to log in and check. Alas, I accept defeat. My hat's off to The Thing.
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