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  1. It seems that a lot of traditional religion that seems absurd or irrational, such as an afterlife, ressurrection, a different world of existence, etc., actually becomes possible if some different scientific theories turn out to be true. For example, if more than 4 dimensions really do exist, then I suppose it's possible for some type of reality to exist there. If we exist inside a computer simulation, I suppose it's possible for the game to be turned off and turned on again, restarting the same characters. If there is a parallel universe, then I suppose exact copies of us could exist there. An
  2. In some of the video games I've played, characters are shot and killed, run over by speeding cars, stabbed to death, etc.
  3. Seems strange to me that only part of the universe would be simulated, such as one planet or solar system. If the objects are made out of the same particles, I assume their nature and origin are the same. I'm thinking that the fundamental particles of the universe (quarks, electrons, photons, etc.) are the pixels, so to speak, of the video game/computer simulation.
  4. I keep coming across scientists and intellectuals who are entertaining this idea, that the world around us is some type of Matrix. Could it be that we are trapped in someone else's video game? Testing this hypothesis would be very difficult with today's technology, but some scientists think it's possible.
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