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  1. Its bad I could only do 5 posts in 24 h. Its the mathematic in chemistry only basic?! I would say NO , hope I can explain this : If u know about theory of Probability and Statistic , you can study when and how can a chemistry reaction happen , and when it can make us better result.... There is a lot of Math in theory of probability and statistic , belive me. Then if u know the graphics that u find after u make a Spectrophotometer of The flow conductivity of a substance towards pH , u can consider it ( and it is) as a function, and in math u can do a lot of stuff with function, what happen with that element if his function It reaches the maximum value? or even more what if we suppose to have the function is not continuous to a point , what happen with Ph of element or flow in that point? ... I dont know a lot in chemistry , but with help of my friends and my math acquaintances we can solve some problems.
  2. Sensei thanks a lot for this idea, i will consider this and maybe work in this way.
  3. How to say , I am someone who is so low in Chemistry knows, and I am asking you if there is any part of Chemistry that I can put my Math know there to make a study , with help of my chemistry friends.
  4. MSc will be good for me . I am in 4th year of study of Mathematic in Scienc Faculty of University of Prishtina , Kosovo. Dont know for other countryes but we have a poor library in our language for analytical chemistry , so a study of this will be good for my University . So no idea from you ?
  5. I am a Math student at my last year of study(4th) and i have all my roomfriends students of Chemistry and I like a loot to have a study for Analitic Chemistry ( they have a lot of math problem to do in this studies) to find a fast way for them to solve they problems . But before I will start to do this , i would like to find more ideas for this stuff. ps . Chemistry engineering
  6. Can someone give me any ide for any study which includes Mathematic and Chemistry in one study?
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