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  1. So would this go faster than light, or just be an alternative way of space travel? Is there also something that can back this up, I'm not an expert in any of this so if there is I'd be happy to know. Thanks
  2. Ok, that makes it a bit simpler, thanks
  3. I accidentally read casualties. Can you elaborate on "return to your starting point and arrive before you left" please?
  4. So how could negative energy be found or converted from regular energy? Since energy obviously can't be created, there has to be a way. The causualties could be avoided by using robotics at first instead of humans.
  5. Well that isn't very promising. What about wormholes? From what I've read the main problem would be sustaining it. Is whatever force or particle that does that exist or run with the current laws of physics?
  6. So I don't have much of a background in physics, since I haven't had the opportunity to take it yet, but I'm really interested in theoretical FTL methods. So my question is- What would it take for some sort of spacecraft to accomplish the speed of light or faster. I understand and methods are probably theoretical I just don't understand the math involved just yet, so I'm hoping for some clarification.
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