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  1. Yes that's right black holes doesn't have a speed like the light of the speed, sorry for that Black holes are invisible....and they sweep.....Do you even what black holes are? Do some research? What is this? Are you saying that the whole world is wrong about black holes? What is black holes? I see it's really that hard to debunk this...I guess this proves that Islam is the right religion, thanks though for proving me that Islam is the true religion
  2. But solar eclipses doesn't sweep? It's describing black holes, it says that there are things that is invisible, that runs and sweep What could it be referring to? Why can't you guys debunk this claim???Is it really that hard???
  3. Sorry, I mean that they travel as a speed nearly from speed of light A black hole is just a special kind of star. It can travel a fast as any other star. Most stars move at about 100,000 km/hr. At that rate, it would take 46,000 years to travel 4.3 light years, which is the distance to the closest star. But thanks though, Please try harder to debunk this
  4. I mean do they pierce a hole in the space like black holes?, Or their radiation can pierce anything? I just heard about that on some websites, and wanted to know if it's true or not... If their radiation can pierce anything, So can they be called the piercing.stars? And thanks!
  5. Hi, a Muslim brought this verse Here's it: { فَلا أُقْسِمُ بالخُنَّسِ الجَوَارِ الكُنَّسِ } Since i can speak Arabic, I know that بالخُنَّسِ means invisible, and الجَوَارِ الكُنَّسِ means that runs and sweep And black holes are invisible, and they move through space, So we can say that they run through space, and they sweep and the Quran is describing them???? Please debunk this.. Also this isn't talking about planets, translations maybe different, but I know and Arabic, and this verse can never refer to planets, I mean i looked the meaning of this words in arabic, and they were the same i though.. Is there any way to debunk this?? Please help!!
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