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  1. We are confusing 'c', the constant used by Einstein, with the speed of light. It just so happens that as we perceive it 'c' is equal to the speed of light. There will be instances where our perceived speed of light is not the same as 'c'.
  2. We seem to have a lot of 'evidence' of the universe being 13.8 billion years old, with some people believing it could be younger. Are we talking about the age of the matter in the universe, or the age of the Universe. When the BB occurred time did not exist. Time began some period after BB but the Universe came into existence as BB occurred. If the originating stuff that created(?) BB was spinning then the universe would not be spherical. Possibly like a spiral? Or even donut shaped. Or could it be spherical but with an area of nothingness surrounding the place where the BB originated as all the matter was ejected? I'm being devils advocate to start discussions. Please don't shoot me down in flames because I am not an expert in the field.
  3. Where did that come from? Tea police cab???? It should read. Trampoline!!!!!
  4. It works as an analagy only and really only in 2 dimensions. However because planetary bodies rotate about an axis then the plane of the tea police cab he considered as perpendicular to the axial rotation.
  5. Is there (or rather, what is) a maximum distance that light can travel? Surely there is. Can anything travel forever, infinite energy? If we think of light in a way similar to batteries. A rough similarity I am afraid. Then we could (possibly) explain the problem of the universe not having enough matter/energy, as we can only see part of it. The light from the rest of the universe not reaching us because it exceeds the maximum distance light can travel. Thus there is more universe out there that we cannot, and never will, see unless we travel to another galaxy.
  6. It has been suggested that a strong enough cable (carbon nanotubes?)should enable a space elevator to be built. However, surely, as the cable is lowered from space there would be a static build up so great that when it discharges close to the earth, it would be like an atom bomb? Also the cable would be like a super conductor and transfer earths heat into space. Another ice age anyone?
  7. If a person flies off in a rocket then returns, that person has aged less than the starting point? If two people fly in opposite directions and return they are both younger than the starting point? Because they have travelled away from each other at twice the speed/distance as from their starting point, is not one then younger than the other?
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