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  1. Hi, thanks for answering! I did indeed read the article, but it didn't help me more. I already know the price, and since I may be able to get a gtx 860M for free, it's cheaper than a gamer laptop ^^ Just want to know if it's worth it And I already have a good monitor so really it would not be a problem. Besides I absolutely need a laptop for extra-gaming activities! I'm going to meet with an expert this afternoon and will post again later what infos I gathered if it can help someone else. -imnottheguy
  2. Hello, I've been browsing the web but can't find all of my answers. I wish to upgrade my laptop by adding an external graphics card (was thinking of a geforce gtx 980), but I then remembered that I have an old laptop with a gtx 860M. But first of all, what happens when you add an external graphics card? Does the PC use only one or both together? If I add the same graphics card, will I notice an evolution? I am far from being an expert in this domain so sorry if my questions seem dumb. Is it, in theory possible for me to use my old gtx 860M and add it to my laptop? Here are my specs: Processor Intel® Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz Video Card Intel® HD Graphics 530 Video Card #2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M RAM 8.0 GB OS Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit I thank in advance everyone who will try to help me out -imnottheguy
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