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  1. I see the big ones out of the sides of my vision. Usually. I am healthy, have not had any head injury and have been to eye doctors once a year and my eyes are fine. If I relax and stare into the space of air I then can see the smaller ones that I call " energy specks,"(or "skates" as I call them because they remind me of water bug skates that zip around on the surface of still water.) That's how they look in the air, all zipping around and busy like. When I'm out side I can see many more of those smaller ones at will, some are more vivid than others, some moving more rapidly too. The bigger brighter ones come at random and I can zone in on them but they soon disappear. If I don't stare or turn to view them they stay a little longer. I have seen them out side but very infrequently and when I have seen the bigger ones they are huge quick flashes of light from ground to sky out of my side vision . I think the bigger ones that I see out of my preferential vision are angles because of my "good mood" at the time they do appear. or they appear when I'm with a loved one or close friend. I think the small ones are energy and everything is make out of energy so makes since to me that some people can see the energy in the air. I do not talk too much to others about these sightings and was very surprised to find out that so many others see these specks of moving lights too. I've seen them since I was a child too. I'm middle aged now.
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