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  1. let alone his theory of relativity after he worked on the atom bomb only one could suspect much worse outcomes for instance capturing a particle of the sun and exponentially expanding it isnt a real threat......not when Eisenstein creates isotopes that eat shit up im using scientific ideas that have have been thought up before sorry im not using key words or phrases to magically make you understand which im already putting in lament terms
  2. an isotope created with the shortest half life ever recorded isnt significant......obviously bonding shit together to break of certain unwanted molecules isnt important or anything.
  3. so you dont have the exact answer your just deaming an understandable relationship between the words heating and cooling to explain this.....and you described photosynthesis not my answer.
  4. the guy from warsand, poland how is suppressing matter in it's purest forms not being clear........so many people today can not grasp a concept beyond memorizing formulas to understand the basic concept of which this earth works.....so many words and titles are used to obscure relative meaning of each other and it is not my fault if you didnt think before responding. How could you not understand a very real concept and say it isnt meaningful because you can not think from behind your eyes.
  5. wind isn't a spiritual phenomenon. I was asking if the reason wind exists is because there is a disruption in the earths magnetic force. Scientists have all agreed that at every longitude and latitude there is some form of magnetism counting out all specific human involvements. So if at this coordinate and the next no matter how close or small the abruption is; is this do to a push or pull in the earths magnetic field which is define as wind? i was wondering if this was do to clusters of electrons bending or disrupting the magnetism? What else might it be?
  6. he clearly came in here and said no and nope to obvious yes answers. maybe i should not have insulted him but some people see answering with an ignorant no and no information to back it up as an insult aswell.
  7. Is wind actually the feeling of clusters of electrons passing through the magnetic field?
  8. the obvious error in this thinking is that light can not be measured, which it surely can. If light is being projected between two spaces it will simply become more, therefore changes in ways than can be detected. if you were two move the two mirriors wider apart than it would take longer for the light phase to change. this is a simple project that doesn't need an in depth reasoning. Now if you are solely working on this portion of the project to aid in something greater lets say..... bonding light to certain compounds to cement a physical representation of an image this would be much more int
  9. john cuthber you are a complete moron. You have no understanding of this field of science and should not have answered at all. Your supposedly a chemist expert and probably never even heard of the Solvay conference or let alone know what Einstein's E-isotope is. This is highlighted from this website "https://www.damninteresting.com/teslas-tower-of-power/".......In1905, a team of construction workers in the small village of Shoreham, New York labored to erect a truly extraordinary structure. Over a period of several years the men had managed to assemble the framework and wiring for the 187-foot
  10. As i was told in another post that certain things didnt exist because of my context of words i have chosen to repost differently and hope that he can clearly understand me, to see if i could get an opinion on the subject. My first question is regarding radio towers. I know that objects can be moved with radio technology, not only to be used for communication. So, this leads me to ask if a radio tower that drew it's source of energy from the earth or a geologically strategic point could this have serious consequences. For example, if it was used not only by commercial entities to provide servi
  11. the easiest solution to this question is to burn all the algae of the entire gulf coast with a flammable material such as oil and say it was a mistake.
  12. radiation could easily or possibly be contained if you knew the source or the make-up of the radiation for instance if you knew the exact make-up or what ever......you could possibly synthesis it to another state. Synthesis in terms of pro-create. For instance, if you knew the material was able to be bound to lets say another form of matter you could easily do it that way, but what is scary is. What if organic material was able to be synthesized into a form of free energy for say. Like you had a radioactive particle that when touched or passed through a certain frequency it became animated or
  13. i have gone to many forums and blogs and their is always one question whether or not there a significant being that mingles amongst men? This question i believe is to be true for many reasons, however, since the beginning of WW1 and many wars proceeding i believe have all been about either damning those who have believed to be miss using this entity either for knowledge,sex, or power. However as stupid as these people can get for believing for some reason that they are able to enslave this entity belong in a asylum or hung to death. For all we know there are these 1% that pay millions of doll
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