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  1. If spinal reflexes like "crossed extensor" reflexes are protective in nature, why is it that they are elicited only in spinal animal and not normally? Why? After all they are protective.
  2. No.. she isn't in a coma! By the way, thanks everybody. Really appreciate it.
  3. If she wakes up before the muscle tone recovers, how is she able to scream? She usually screams "Mom!!" And supposedly she is able to move her neck and head.
  4. I heard about a strange dream from my friend where she found her entire body (below neck) sort of tied, so that she cant move her limbs and trunk. And she feels really uneasy and screams but it is heard only as a little merely audible to the person sleeping next to her. She requests everybody to wake her up as soon as they sense this happening. It occurs repeatedly. And as I have observed, it occura mostly on days when she was sad or depressed by something!Anybody have any clue? Is this some disorder?
  5. How is this possible?Anyways I dont have a cat.
  6. Tongue is a skeletal muscle then why it doesn't get fatigued? Even though we talk whole day and eat frequently too?
  7. What is the reason of absolute and relative refractory period? Though I have read it many times, I didnt get a concrete explaination. If anybody can help?
  8. I agree to your point of mating potential but social acceptibility? Why? You can be socially acceptible even when you are not popular! And if it is related to 'mating' then every individual would want to be popular not 'some' as you mentioned.
  9. Why do people crave popularity?
  10. Oh okay.. that was quite interesting!! Thankyou so much. ☺
  11. Does anybody have any idea as to why we catch 'cold'(flu) in winters (more commonly) than in summers? Viruses are supposedly non-functioning outside the body right? Are they affected by temperature? Please do help!
  12. Why do people crave popularity?
  13. It seems, its still a mystery as to why they were reversed? By the way thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.
  14. Do anyone of you have a clue as to why do we have all these sensory and motor decussations? Is there any evolutionary importance to these? Please do help!
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