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  1. Hello The unit for permeability is 1x10-6 cm per s. This is a kind of velocity? So can you interpret is as the velocity of the drug by which it goes through a lipophilic membrane?
  2. But this figure says that when you want to perceive yellow their has to be an activation of green and red cones and that's also what you see in the diagram. Where the sensitivity curves of the green cones and the red cones overlap, there is yellow.
  3. But to perceive yellow there has to be an activation of green and red cones, but if the red cones can't be activated, how can they perceive yellow? The activation of blue cones and green cones by red light can't explain the perceived yellow.
  4. But if they can't pick up the red portion why do they see yellow, because to see yellow you need red cones and green cones?
  5. Hello I don't understand why people with red-green colorblindness see red and green things in a more yellow way. These people have no M cones so the ganglion cells can't be stimulated by M cones and to see yellow there has to be a stimulation of M cones and L cones.
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