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  1. It is a metaphor to say that "they don't exist" I think some takes it too serious. The article claims some weak or responsive grounds in atheism. Every atheist should not take it as for theirselves, as if it is for their "atheistic case". Moreover, in the article, it is referred to "their less known motivations" and possibly "historcially-politically bacgrounds". Or something like that. You put in...
  2. Some passages: <<ROOTS OF ATHEISM ...Albert Einstein, who had a life-long fascination with metaphysics, believed atheism came from a mistaken belief that harmful superstition and a general belief in religious or mystical experience were the same thing...... Similarly, Charles Darwin, in a meeting with a campaigner for atheism in September 1881, distanced himself from the views of his guest, finding them too “aggressive”... >> Full Article
  3. Hello. I looked around, I have no idea and couldn't find any clear definition about it, at first google glance. However, I assume overlap may refer to "extra results in the presence of two deletion"? Whatever it means. Here something, maybe you genetics studiers understand: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1682730/?page=1 This question is too specific and too tough for me. Good luck..
  4. Let’s (also) bring up some definitions and refresh our clearance in topic, than just asking and answering questions. -Vibration: a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. (Wikimedia) -Frequency: is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time.(wikimedia) -Molecule: A group of elements (or compounds) that come together with stronger bounds than physical bounds, or weaker bounds than nucleic bounds. Two same element atoms might make a molecule as well as a compound with third... (Chemical/Ionic/Covalent bounds). A molecule might have
  5. I am fond of interpreting the situation like "distribution of the minus(literally -1)", rather than multiplying the nominator and denominator by -1. If you "move" the - to the denominator space, where (cp-a) becomes (a-cp) that do the trick. Note: You can multiply right side denominator by -1 which is the same. However, I suggest getting rid of minuses, than creating new minus signs on the leading left side numbers..
  6. distribute and multiply the -1 to every single term in the nominator. +a and -n are converted like this: -1*a= -a, and -1*-n=n. Hence the nominator is (-a+n). Note 1: -|number|*-|number|=+|number|. or shortly -*-=+ or, literally -1*-1=+1. Note 2: +*+=+ which you already know, possibly without being this closely aware of. If you assume or predict in math, geometry, you never be successful. Just learn the rules and applicate. Some details might be confusing but not. I would like to paraphrase this principle below, so it could be understood better: 1.You must first kno
  7. I guess science or "literature wisdom" can come up with better suggestions (DEFINITIONS) for "God". Is not enough of using its "mean-value meaning" in the real time society? "God likes this, god hates that"... Is not that enough of speaking on behalf of god? Moreover, religious language has its own grounding problems In all religions. And a mess, that often clouds facts, truth, that might even exist beyond/behind a metaphor (that widely accepted as a nonsense). On the other hand, It has always been seemed to me that religion or god is always to do with "god is my side" "no hes in my
  8. THAT is awesome, especially for public security businesses. All agrees that this cant be considered a bad improvement or founding. However, we need **more** than that. This earth needs more "integrated" and "experimental" solutions than such singular "solutions". I could care more if the researchers, suporters, intelligence agencies were interested in seriously more of something that dramatically decreased violence, bad tendencies, and the need of guns. Somehow-Hence, it is needed to have better definitons for "good", "bad", "how, which behaviors lead them". We need to improve the teaching t
  9. It could be useful if you knew "how do they response to temperature". Moreover, you could make interpolations yourself: by using at least one value of low temperature, and one value of high temperature, for each material property. However since phase changes are "singular" changes, if you want more correct values, you may need to make few interpolations for one property for different phase ranges. There should be few functions relating to different phases, for each property..
  10. High level familiarance, on not only basics, but also on theories based on basics. This comes by concentrated exercise of the knowledge. Useful sources, and the methods of using them. Experimenting/visualizing the theories. Moreover, It is essential to relate phenomenons, facts eachother. And distingusihing among similarities, when needed.
  11. Hello. My answer is: Ofc, no it is not late. Even if it is more difficult in some terms, "no" would be a 'more-wrong' and 'conditioning' answer. * * * I finished undergraduation on "mechanical engineering" 'postponely", after I was able to focus and give the continuous(which is essential for engineering, I guess) effort. I finished it at my 29, under some difficulties. (Undergraduation in 9 years, but studied truly only at 1st year and last 2 years). Nothing is late but your love and devotion might be judged (in some environments) time to time, which you sohuld not hear or care. Especially
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