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  1. Yes I too thought the price was very steep, I was aware of the methods used to detect fusion, I also do have a primary and secondary vacuum pump also.
  2. Happy to let you know how it works once i achieve fusion, just need to know if this chamber is suitable for the job. Thank you.
  3. Hello lovelies. I write to you today to ask you all a question, I am attempting to assemble my own homemade Fusion reactor, just finalizing everything I need and then I will start the equipment assembly process. My question for you today involves the vacuum chamber. I have located a good looking chamber online and need to know if it looks and is fine to use for this project. Obviously it will be see through so I am able to see the process. Go easy on me, this is my first time and acquisition of parts may take sometime, any advice is appreciated. This is just one Vacuum chamber I have located
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