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  1. Sorry everybody for reply you all so late. I had left my town these days for some personal issues and just came back last night(Hongkong Time, I live in Hongkong). Thanks for Phi and Bill's reply. I had read Bill's article and believe that what you wrote are very close to truth. Then now it is about my third question: is it possible to use LHC to examine if it is true?
  2. Thanks Klaynos for replying my topics. Any other replies from brothers and sisters will be deeply appreciated. To be honest, I am not a pro in Physics(but i kept read science news for years). I dreamed about something yesterday so I converted my dream to above questions. I heard that some dreams may inspire other things. So even you might think that my questions are odd or crazy, all your replies will be deeply appreciated.
  3. Assume there is multiple universes, is the dark matters(or energies) in our universe actually the matters(or energies) of another universe? According to quantum theory, is it possible to use quantum computer to communicate with other universes in future? Can we use LHC to test the correctness of questions above? Thanks all brothers and sisters for joining the discussion.
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